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Old posting, but still current.

Manipulated numbers.
Completely known fact that CO2 can not cause a real problems by direct greenhouse function, obscured from the public.
97% of "scientists", right.

Skepticism and objective thinking are sorely needed!

This one is extra for humor:

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  • Posted by $ mminnick 1 year ago
    Dig into the 97% number. It is really a fake number.
    As I understand it they (the climate Changers) started with over a thousand respondents to their survey. The then excluded those not directly involved in atmospherics or climatological studies. They then excluded those that Pro climae change in there statements and finally they excluded people that were not not from … You get the picture. I cannot recall the number of times responses were culled but it was multiple times. This violates all rules for condujcting surveys and research studies unless you are studying how to bias results in your favor. I wish I could remember the citation for the story on how the 97% was reached.
    I'll try to find it over the next few days.
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