Sharia law in Minnesota?

Posted by  $  Dobrien 2 months ago to History
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Thanks Hussein!

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  • Posted by  $  blarman 2 months ago
    Sharia is its own legal system and can not coexist with the US legal system. If you want to see how Sharia "works" with another system of law, look at England which allows Sharia courts. We should be adamant in making sure that everyone in the United States adheres to Constitutional law and nothing else. If they want Sharia, they are welcome to go back to their home nations - and good riddance.
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    • Posted by BCRinFremont 2 months ago
      Sharia goes beyond having its own legal system; It is an all inclusive Way Of Life that, in its fundamental form, can not coexist with the US Culture. To be fair, most fundamentalist religious groups have trouble coexisting with other cultures. The exception with Sharia is that the Infidel must often be destroyed and is always a second class creature. Sharia law for Islamic women is only a small bit better than Infidel status.
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    • Posted by  $  Suzanne43 2 months ago
      Fox News tosses Judge Jeanine for speaking the truth about Sharia Law and has now hired Donna Brazile. This is just plain nuts!
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      • Posted by  $  2 months ago
        They just hired the RINO Paul Ryan . Didn’t he retire to spend time with the kids? This from Vanity Fair .....After a brief respite from national politics in his hometown of Janesville, former House Speaker Paul Ryan will be returning to semi-public life as a steward of the new Fox News.
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  • Posted by  $  exceller 2 months ago
    I watched the video right after the Jewish woman's being banned from the meeting.

    In it, Omar was giving a rambling speech about why she was opposing a bill.

    Mixing Muslim and Jewish "fraternity" and common interest garbage with her coming from Africa. Africa is a large continent, with diverse states. She happens to be from Somalia which has nothing to do with South Africa, nevertheless she dragged it into her charade to make the point how bad apartheid was.

    This woman is worse than I thought which is saying a lot. Her sanctimonious babbling has no place in Congress.
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    • Posted by  $  1 month, 4 weeks ago
      South Africa sadly will continue to decay.
      Once the “Crown Jewel of Africa” , it has become a dangerous genocidal landscape. After the world demanded the end of Apartheid by the white minority. It has now reversed and the whites are targeted and murdered weekly simply because they are now the scapegoat for another failed socialist leadership.
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  • Posted by  $  WilliamShipley 2 months ago
    I don't think that has anything to do with Sharia, it's not a religious rule, it's a leftist rule to single out and block any opposition. You can get the same thing from any leftist group.

    I see no problems with supporting Sharia dictates in providing some services. We have no problems with stores providing kosher food -- which is another religious law. If an lending institution wants to structure a loan that fits Sharia requirement that's fine too -- as long as it's a freely provided service to people with certain religious views.

    But when it comes to enforcing their views on others, for example making the criticism of Islam a "hate crime", then absolutely not.
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  • Posted by  $  allosaur 2 months ago
    When that very brave and dignified Jewish woman mentioned that list, me dino thought of lists that Nazis made of people who wound up in death camps.
    Is there anyone in The Gulch who thinks Muslims here would not do the same to Jews if they knew they could get away with it?
    Come to think of it, I may be wrong. Instead, if hit lists were made, maybe it would be for people to decapitate on sight.
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  • Posted by jim_rusnak 2 months ago
    We do not want the Muslim religion to be imposed upon our nation. If an immigrant, legal or illegal, cannot accept our laws, our language, our form of government, then they must be deported immediately, not matter what. Just look at the mess in Europe to see what happens if we don't.
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  • Posted by NealS 2 months ago
    Absolutely. However we do have choices, we either accept Sharia, or we don't, but we have to do something about it if we don’t. [Continued] If that meeting was a public meeting in a public place then perhaps a lawsuit needs to take place. What we're seeing today is the progression of so many radicals that have taken over our political parties, and even many governmental positions. They are petrifying the people into total submission. Politics (what politicians practice) determine the direction of any city, state, or country, and the people just lay back and allow it, afraid of being called racist or some kind of phobian. “Death to America” and “Death to Israel”, now that is racist. We need to take those yelling it at their word, but no one seems to believe them. Currently under our Constitution and our laws, very little of what is transpiring today is even legal. And I think it's especially prevalent today because a previous president guided and influenced a good amount of the people into believing that obeying our laws is not necessary as long as they don’t agree with them, or just don’t feel like obeying them. Having that beer on the White House lawn was a disgusting display of that legal (and moral) ignorance, and that cop also should not have apologized. His apology was a way out for him personally under those conditions. Personally if a cop questioned me about what looked like me breaking into a house (any house), I would have put my hands up, talked to him, and shown him my id. Then I would have thanked him profusely for doing his job, the job we pay him to do. Practically every other incident after the president telling the world that that cop acted stupidly should have been put down immediately. That president should have apologized to that cop in front of the world and said he was mistaken, the cop did what he was trained and paid to do. The black man should man should have been told by others that his stupid reaction was just another thing that is preventing healing of the issues between blacks and white. It’s all about retaliation, even though it has nothing to do with anything else. There are those that don[t want to make it right, they won’t have anything left to garner sympathy, and today, free stuff.

    We, all of us, need to explain to our friends and relatives, regardless what side they might be on, that if we want this nonsense to stop, we’ve got to elect people that will vote to pass the laws needed to stop it. I was totally shocked when the House was taken over by the democrats this last go around, and a whole bunch of ignorant people that have no idea how this country was formed allowed and made it happen. I feel that the only reason the democrats are fighting everything Trump does is due to unjustified hate in their hearts and minds, and the blindsided education the voters are receiving. We need to hire people with the right kind of hearts and minds to represent us not just political hacks that do everything for a party rather than just a spiteful outcome so Trump doesn’t get credit for anything good. In history it will make little difference who gets the credit. Under the unprecedented negative drive and pressure against him from the democrats, some of his own party, and the media, the people hopefully will start to think about the great things he has accomplished, and what might have been accomplished if they didn’t fight everything tooth and nail. Washington DC today is only scared to death that Trump is going to find out what they’ve all been involved in, but mostly from one side of the aisle. I’m just waiting for the indictments to start being issued, the ones that should have come out a long time ago.

    A perfect example of what I am saying can be seen here. Politicians create our culture, or total way of life. It time they start obeying the laws of the land. I’m so thankful, I got out of Seattle three years ago. I made a fortune on my home and spent on twice the home where I am at now. I can see the outlying areas around Seattle starting to depreciate. My old neighborhood, an upper middle class neighborhood, since we have to classify everything today, is becoming a slum area. It’s all foreigners now and there are only tow of the neighbors I =knew still living there. The Russians are over paying and turning the homes around one million dollars into rentals. I’m not saying anything negative about Russians or anyone else, I’m just stating the facts. See
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  • Posted by  $  Stormi 2 months ago
    Sharia and Constitution are at odds. Also, the goals of those who are under Sharia Law are not and never will be like Christians or citizens who believe in the equal rights under the Constitution. I spend a semester in college in a class as the only female without all Saudi males, and two American guys. We talked about how things work and how they stand by their laws, feeling our laws are to lenient. They did not mind riding with me to he next class on teh other side of campus, but in their country I would not own and drive a car. In Detroit, long time membes of a neighborhood were told they might want to move to be safe, as Muslims had aken over the neighborhood, and hey did not want infidels living there. Even peaceful Muslims have not stood up for Americans or Christians, against radical Islamics. Not the way they work. We are and always will be the infidels to them. They want to take over our country and run it accoriding to their belief system.
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  • Posted by bobsprinkle 2 months ago
    I don't think I know anyone from Minnesota. I have never been to Minnesota. Like Michigan there pockets in urban areas where muslim populations are concentrated. These concentrations have produced 2 members of congress and one state AG. California has non-citizens in their legislatures/governments.
    Does ANYBODY see ANY kind of trend here.
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    • Posted by  $  2 months ago
      Oh sure you betcha I am born and raised in Minnesota. land of ten thousand Lakes.
      Fly here and you will likely land at Hubert H Humphrey Airport. A large Swedish population.
      The DFL (democrat farm labor) In the past received large support from the farmers and the miners.
      Farmers today are largely republican. They were replace first by a wave of many liberals from Chicago in the 80's to Minneapolis due to easy quick public assistance and a safe environment. Adding to that we became little Mogandishu Somalia Thanks to the Idiot Gov Dayton (heir to Target fortune) and Hussein the chief traitor. the people here have a great appreciation for the great outdoors and a naïveness that allows for brainwashing re: climate change and environmental concerns. It is also the Minneapple thing and the envy of anything California. California Dreaming on such a winters day could be a state anthem.
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      • Posted by BCRinFremont 2 months ago
        I truly fear that this time the naivete and niceness of a large part of the Minnesota population (and large parts of the country, for that matter) will not end well concerning this issue.

        "Go t'row da cow over da fence d'er some hay." A favorite NoDak quote.
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