What I Learned about Climate Change: The Science is not Settled

Posted by $ nickursis 1 year, 2 months ago to Science
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Probably one of the best, detailed, scientific, well thought out discussions of the issue that does not exist, and real scientific data to prove it. The guy did an awesome job, and exposes the great looter festival called "climate change". Well worth reading if you debate such esoteric ideas with nimrods and numbskulls, like those we have in Oregon, trying to steal 2 Billion a year in "Progressive Cap and Trade (and still never defining how they will use their stolen loot, except to "address climate change in challenging ways"..
SOURCE URL: https://medium.com/@pullnews/what-i-learned-about-climate-change-the-science-is-not-settled-1e3ae4712ace

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