LIBERAL MATH: Warren Says ‘2% Tax’ on Rich Americans Can Fund Free Childcare, College, Student Debt, MORE!

Posted by $ mminnick 1 year, 3 months ago to Economics
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"en. Elizabeth Warren doubled-down on her calls for a series of new proposals and entitlement programs for all Americans this week; bizarrely suggesting a ‘2% tax on the wealthiest families’ can fully fund trillions of dollars in increased spending.
“If we put a 2% tax on the wealthiest families in the country, we can provide universal Pre-K, universal free college, knock back student loan debt for 95% of Americans—and still have a trillion dollars leftover,” claimed Warren on social media."
Another money transfer plan by the Socialists. This would be oon top of the current taxes they pay.
A little applied math will show the $$$ won't conver even the bare minimum she is proposing.

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  • Posted by $ 25n56il4 1 year, 3 months ago
    My question does Ms Warren think the colleges are going to keep the doors open? She wants to tax the rich who support them. Those college administrators vote Lizzie! Especially that one who got $4 million in salary. Bet he has friends too.
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  • Posted by $ Solver 1 year, 3 months ago
    There isn’t a liberal math. Nor is there conservative math, socialist math, fascist math, postmodernist math or any identity math. There is just math. And her math is wrong.

    Maybe she was never taught that the basics of math is not a social construct.
    2+2=4 no matter what year Big Brother says it is.
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