Author Interview: The History of the Future, Occulus, (virtual reality) and Face book Corruption

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This is just a short clip. His book was band at one point...turns out Facebook is every bit as evil as we have come to expect.

Blake J. Harris was given unprecedented access to Facebook and what he found was shocking. Harris joined Glenn on radio Wednesday and told the true story of Palmer Lucky and gives an inside look into how Facebook operates. Watch this clip and see through the veiled public image of Facebook.

Please Help support Blake J. Harris and his work and buy his book here.
After His interview with Glenn Beck...His book, not even on the charts...was in 6th place overall on Amazon.
I just bought the book and I think Everyone should read it and know just how corrupt and evil facebook, zucker and the postmodern left really is.

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    []...for instance, Harris’ own discovery while writing this story. When he started this endeavor, he had no idea that this tale would somehow involve Donald Trump, billion-dollar lawsuits, illegal practices, and end with Luckey—eventually ousted from Facebook—as one of the most polarizing figures in Silicon Valley.
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