Totalitarianism of Technocracy.

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You need to know the enemy to protect and defend your self.
Communism, Socialism and Technocracy: Spiritual Diseases of ...

Communism, Socialism and Technocracy: Spiritual Diseases of Our Time ... totalitarian ideologies are really about the human condition after the Fall and the causes of ...
The initial working title for Godard’s 1964 science fiction tour de force Alphaville (1965) was the rather more comical Tarzan vs. IBM, and although the former was arguably the more aesthetically suitable choice, the latter symbolically evokes a key aspect of the film’s intellectual narrative.

Alphaville is ultimately about the struggle of a single determined individual against a totalizing, dehumanizing rationally driven computer society, one that is quite literally operated by a central artificial intelligence, known as Alpha 60.

Like Tarzan, the protagonist, Lemmy Caution, is an independent, spontaneous individual, and in relation to the sterilized conformism of Alphaville he is wild, primitive and incomprehensible in his behavior. Alphaville and Alpha 60, on the other hand, are representative of the faceless, opaquely dominating presence of the technological corporation, exemplified by IBM, which was, in the period that the film was produced, the predominant force in the emerging information industry.

Expanding on the analogy, Caution is also like Tarzan in that he is the unique manifestation of a way of life that has been placed on the verge of annihilation by a new form of rational organization. As he navigates this barren terrain he must hide his emotions and subversive thoughts just as Tarzan hides his physical body in the trees and shadows of the jungle; one could even say that the game of hide and seek has been shifted to the plane of consciousness. Unlike Tarzan however, Caution ultimately triumphs in overthrowing the system of oppression.

From April 1944
Just as the technocrats would claim to have nothing to do with economics, so also do they assert that the field of politics is equally “alien” to the “world of thought” of the technocrat. This does not mean that Howard Scott and his friends have no political ideas. Far from it.

The political idea which the technocrats return to most insistently is a thoroughgoing slashing attack on all democratic ideas and methods. Do not suppose that they are interested in revealing the fakery of the kind of capitalist “democracy” which we have now and exposing its pretensions to being democratic. Just the contrary: their complaint against the present set-up is that it is too democratic. Scott makes it perfectly clear that, when he repudiates democracy in principle, the more real the democracy, the worse it is as far as the technocrats are concerned.

Inherent in any “price system government,” he writes, is “the grandiose nonsense that the collective multiplication of human opinion was the nearest possible approach to divine omniscience in the solution of all political problems.” (The Evolution of Society, page 7)

America can no longer control its national operation through the obsolete methods of political decision ... The national leaders of yesterday were but the reflectors of public opinion. If this nation continues very much longer under the nominal leadership of the present reflectors of public opinion, America will reach the end of this road in the swamp of mob hysteria .... Political liberty is a dead issue in America today. (Scott: America Prepares for a Turn in the Road)

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  • Posted by $ Olduglycarl 1 year, 4 months ago
    " only if engineers, scientists, and technicians are allowed to run society."...and we have learned lately just how wrong headed and stubborn science has been.
    As for technicians, their god is that of the microchip, AI and morals, mutuality nor conscience required.
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  • Posted by $ mminnick 1 year, 4 months ago
    Technology is in general good for the people. Technocracy is generally bad. Technology in the hads of a few is bad. Witness Twitter, Google, Facebook etc. a relatively few individuals control the technology behind these corporations/companies. The controlling individuals are able to use their hidden/unknown technology to control the information flow and content to their liking and thus make the general population subservient to thir will. Much more effective than a gun to the head and almost a lethal. It is only when they get to blatant that their hands are exposed. (re Twitter and YouTube).
    Google tracks every search yuou make and e-mail you send. Not just the meta-data but actual keyword content of the messages.
    A small example: about 2 moths ago my current contract ended. I went to Dice to update my resume and do a job search. I now receive Dice job postings when I view Fox News on the internet. interesting how interwoven all the tech has become.
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    • Posted by $ 1 year, 4 months ago
      Thanks for your reply. Totally subjective “Sustainability” and limiting resources with the ultimate goal of reducing the population is the goal of Technocracy.
      It has nothing to do with Technology other than to weaponize tech and use it against US.
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