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Posted by mshupe 3 months, 1 week ago to Culture
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On March 2nd you printed a Guest Column about the group think and intolerance of the progressive left, particularly on college campuses. In it, the author claims that “getting along is the only way that people can survive.” I agree, and I’d like to expand on that theme.

What he describes is the economic way. Voluntary exchange, free people trading value for value, each person with different values and goals. It’s the stuff of civilization. It is entrepreneurs, with their creativity and compassion, that anticipate the needs and desires of their customers, and deliver more and better and cheaper. It is a system that is respectfully or derisively referred to as capitalism.

Unfortunately, our academic/media/political cabal condemns this while looting it for their own enrichment. It’s for the “common good” after all. They live by the moral code of good intentions, a mind-numbing concept made famous by philosopher Immanuel Kant. It’s also called social justice. Last time I checked all justice is social.

The author’s advice is good, “Listen to opposing points of view, think about your positions, defend them or amend them as you must.” But that’s based on the premise that they are willing to listen, think, and have reality-based principles. None of that is true, their philosophy is a version of premodern mysticism.

They’ve been indoctrinated by today’s humanities departments and believe themselves to be our moral and intellectual superiors. My proof is President Obama. Social justice begets Poetic Justice, and they got President Trump.
SOURCE URL: https://centerforindividualism.org/the-poetic-justice-warrior-society-addresses-the-attacks-on-american-capitalism-and-personal-liberty/

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  • Posted by  $  exceller 3 months, 1 week ago
    I assume all of us in the Gulch are well aware of what's happening and why it's happening.

    We are also aware that there is no such thing as "listening to the opposing point of view" by the left. We know more about their destructive and misleading "values" then they know about ours, which they dismiss offhand.

    Anything else that we would gain by reading the book?

    BTW, what do you mean by "even Trump calls out for unity"? Is that surprising to you?
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    • Posted by 3 months, 1 week ago
      Thanks, no, its not surprising Trump would call out for unity. Its a typical political ploy. To me, the only unity we need is to respect equal justice under law and everyone's natural right to act on their judgment. The eBook highlights three individuals who are unsung heroes of Western Civilization. The next one will be The Philosophers, one of whom is Rand.
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  • Posted by EdwinNapier 3 months, 1 week ago
    EWHat terrifies me is when I step back and really picture the threats at play here. We've got an ultimately self destructive left wing agenda that's implanted itself as teachers and politicians, we've got Russian communism and domination in the Far East, mass immigration that's nullifying our culture and legislation that's using the immigrant and LGBT communities to silence conservative voices, calling them racist and bigoted for simply disagreeing and then de-platforming them.
    We've got weaponized language restricting legislation on the books in Canada and its on the Floor in AMERICA right now.
    Plus china rejecting the metro dollar, which other than war and software, is the only thing our country makes money one anymore. Even legos are made in abroad.

    When are we going to start panicking, exactly?
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    • Posted by 3 months, 1 week ago
      Great summary, its been a slow and deliberate progression to get to this point. It started in 1913. Focus on the economic way, not the political way, and behold the resilience of the US entrepreneur.
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  • Posted by  $  Olduglycarl 3 months, 1 week ago
    Nicely done Mshupe.
    You may have added, though most here, know...social justice is not about justice, it's about emotion and revenge.
    They fail to see the evolution of thought, behavior, humanity and mutuality that has happened to mankind, society and civilization...not to mention Consciousness over 1000's of years.

    What I see,and you alluded to,is that those that champion Social Justice which is the opposite of Justice, obviously have a guilty conscience and for one reason or another feel they must do so to make up for some transgression of their own.
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    • Posted by 3 months, 1 week ago
      Yes, I'm respectfully aware that this forum doesn't need my wisdom. The purpose of the post is to give an example of a very short message for the general public that includes capitalism, Kantian ethics, entrepreneurship, progressivism, false premises, premodern mysticism, the common good, etc. To me, social justice is capricious and requires the force of government.
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  • Posted by 3 months, 1 week ago
    Ayn Rand proved that principles for living can be derived objectively. This is revolutionary, and like capitalism itself, gets no play. The chattering class complains about divisiveness, have no rational explanation for it, and just assume that its bad. Even Trump calls out for "unity."
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