Peggy Noonan Declares Republicans Should Save Capitalism

Posted by $ mshupe 1 year ago to Economics
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It’s the entrepreneurs who are the heroes of the free market system, whose innovations raise the standards of health, nutrition, safety, productivity, education and art for everyone. They do so because they see a profit opportunity: profit is the signal from the customer that there is value in an innovation that they are willing to pay for, and that it’s a better use of society’s resources than was the case before its invention. The entrepreneur who puts society’s resources to more productive use is rewarded by consumers.

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  • Posted by $ exceller 1 year ago
    Noonan is the worst example of what a journalist is.

    She became enamored with Hussein during the 2008 elections and she never woke up from that nightmare.

    I don't read her any more.

    The WSJ keeps her because she fits in well with the Board's anti-Trump attitude.

    Now the woman is simply kowtowing to the left to let her live.

    It is difficult to watch how someone who seemed to be aligned with Reagan can compromise herself in exchange for being invited tor parties in DC.
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