KETO / Carnivory Saved my life...

Posted by CaptainKirk 1 year, 9 months ago to Science
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If there is any great interest here, I will gladly post more details...

In summary, you can look at the before and after photo. That is effectively the 5 month mark of going KETO / Carnivore.

I took 6 months of my life to find out why I gained weight so easily. I had removed bread/grains. I was eating mostly vegetables, meat, low carb Diet Soda.
I gave up a LOT, and wasn't making much of a dent. I felt like crap. I was on a WATER PILL, 3 allergy meds/day. My sinuses had been continuously plugged for over 5 years straight. (I was constantly told it was seasonal allergies). My bed was propped up to be at an incline to help me breathe at night.

I weight in at 307lbs at 5'10" ... Today I am 204.8, on my way to 190lbs (My Pre College weight)...
I have NO Sinus Issues
I no longer take ANY Medicines

It was the food folks! The "supposed" good foods. Like Mikhalia Peterson, it turns out I am reacting to these foods with INFLAMMATION.

I eat 99% meat products. (Typical for me is 1-2 lbs of bacon and a ribeye).
Doing that healed me (and I am still healing. My leaky gut will likely take 3 years of this to complete heal).

I am allergic to Egg Whites and ALL Dairy. Even heavy whipping cream can cause me issues. Which explains why the Atkins was MISERABLE for me.

I write this article in the hopes of getting others who are suffering with arthritis, and other inflammatory diseases to realize it's probably the foods you think are safe! I recommend IgE (Skin Test) and IgG (Blood Tests, Meridian Valley Labs) to get you started.

I struggled for the first 2 months learning, and cutting things out. When I learned about Carnivores (Dr. Shawn Baker), and others. I decided to try it. WITHIN 8 days, my BP was normal, and I was losing over 1lb a day. I was so full (eat like it's your job), I went to OMAD (One Meal a Day). And the weight kept dropping.
Then my BRAIN FOG Lifted, and finally, I had the DESIRE to join a GYM (I am 52, I have a gym membership where I live, but not in the mountains where I was)

Honestly. I could NOT believe how good I felt. I continued to study more, and learn more. Something I noticed, I felt better the LESS I ate. After the initial struggle, my energy was actually HIGHER when I was not eating (Intermittent Fasting).

I skipped eating for a day, just to see if I could do it (EVERYONE: IGNORE What you think you know about fasting. It does NOT reduce your metabolism, and if you keep your fasts to 3-5 days, it actually INCREASES your metabolism). is a great resource, and coaching is available.

Anyways, I hired a coach to help me, we meet once a month, it helps keep me accountable. He says I am one of his most compliant clients. OF COURSE, because I dont feel like CRAP doing this. I feel AMAZING. I only feel like crap, when I eat like Crap.

I often fast 4 days a week, eating only MWF. This kicks off a process called Autophagy, and because of this, even after losing over 100 lbs and 12 Inches from my belly... I do NOT have sagging skin.

Finally, my doctor was kept in the loop. He warned my wife that what I was doing was dangerous (because he did not understand it). When I came back home, he almost tripped when he saw me. He removed ALL of my medicines. He request blood work, which I did.
EVERY BLOOD MARKER IMPROVED... My Cholesterol (his biggest concern) dropped 51 points to 201... 201 is BELOW my College entrance levels of Cholesterol (220s)...

He gave in. He asked what I was doing... And then admitted he had no time to hear it. I sent him some links.
Along the way, my wife has 300+ Cholesterol, but is "FIT". He wants her on a (Dangerous) Statin drug. So, We BOTH got our CAC (Calcium Score).
DO THIS PLEASE (EVERYONE): Get a Calcium Score. It is an accurate predictor of having a heart attack in the next 10 years.

My wife scored a ZERO (Perfect score, no plaque). He backed off on the Cholesterol Lowering Idea! PERFECT!
My score was a 75. I am in the next group (Low, less than 3.9% chance of having a heart attack in 10 years). Not bad, all things considered.
[I am following Dr. Davis (Wheat Belly) Books protocol of K2 and D3, EPA, etc to lower my calcium score. It will take 2-3 years to see that it has NOT gotten worse (it normally does), and a good chance to improve it)[

I share this with EVERYONE because the Food Pyramid is Garbage and is killing us. #yes2meat is a great Twitter section for seeing others on this journey.
If you have inflammation, high blood glucose, T2D, etc. etc. etc. YOU MUST CHANGE Your Diet.

BTW, after 3 weeks, ALL of my cravings were gone. I no longer sweeten my coffee. I salt it. I no longer want OFF of this diet.
For my upcoming birthday, I will have a few things I KNOW will damage me. It will literally take me 3-5 days to recover from having some foods I have not had in over 6 months. I will do it a bit in moderation... But this is a pressure release valve. AND A TEST to see me get back on the horse and keep riding.

Here are some VIDEO Resources for additional information. The science is pretty clear. T2D can be reversed (A Recent study showed a group following a KETO diet were able to Get off of all their medicines (97% in 12 months), and REVERSE the A1C to no longer be Diabetic (85% again, in 12 months)).
This is amazing. You don't need to be on drugs for life. You need to stop eating SUGARS and OTHER POISONS.

Sorry about my hiatus, I had some serious health issues to attend to. BTW, I am NO LONGER Pre-Diabetic! My 4.5 A1C score 2 weeks ago is rated "Super Optimal", it is actually considered LOW by conventional doctors. I am fixed for life!

This introduced me to Carnivore: Jordan Peterson and Joe Rogan

First, I found this Dr. Fung on a binge getting my arms around things.
Here is the link to the first video in the series (1 of 6)

His short Article on Medium:

This one, with Dr. Gundry started my realization that some HEALTHY foods are poisons!
(I read his book, and reading 2 more, as I zone in on what is kicking me when I am not
fasting. Because I feel better fasting than I do eating, depending on what I eat).

Next is Mikhaila Peterson (Jordan Petersons Daughter)

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  • Posted by freedomforall 1 year, 9 months ago
    Congrats on your success, Captain!
    I know two good friends who have also had great results with a ketogenic diet; one is a nutritionist.

    For those of us who aren't familiar with the conditions and tests that you described using acronyms, would you please post a reply with what the acronyms mean?
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    • Posted by 1 year, 9 months ago

      KETO = KetonGenic => means your body is running on Ketones instead of Glucose. It is 90% Atkins, but it RESTRICTS Proteins. It turns out too many proteins at a meal, and your body will turn them straight into GLUCOSE. If you are obese, then this excess glucose triggers INSULIN, which tells your body to store fat (ie, convert the Glucose to Triglycerides, which are what is stored in your fat cells for future energy). This is done by your liver. I experienced this on Atkins. Eating only protein, I got kicked out of ketosis, and could not explain why! (Being allergic to eggs and cheese made Atkins fail... Had I known).

      Carnivore = Eating only Animal based foods/fats. Now, some will add eggs and dairy, I allow myself some coconut OIL, coffee and Egg Yolks. Which are really filling. A good 12 egg yolk omelette will have me not eating for over 24 hours!

      IgE = Immune Response, representing an ALLERGY. Skin Prick Testing, and some blood testing. This is where my Dairy/Egg Whites show up.

      IgG = Inflammation Response. It's "New". It is overly sensitive sometimes, reacting to things you eat every day. Joe Rogan does not believe in this test, because it tells him EVERYTHING he eats is causing inflammation. But his lack of understanding could be that he has (like myself) lived with the inflammation so long, he does not feel it, because he has NEVER felt it's absence! Some people believe them, some people don't. Since I was struggling, it made sense to test myself, and sure enough if I eliminated those foods, I had better results across the board. Unfortunately, it included ALL YEAST and Lettuce and almost all nuts...

      OMAD (One Meal a Day) = Means eating once every 24 hours. This is Intermittent Fasting (IF) by definition, but ONE form of it. My brother started by cutting back his dinner time, then giving up breakfast for a cup of coffee. He had to move his lunch earlier for a week or two, and then moved it back. Eventually he got to the point where 1 day a week, he does not eat at work (An One Meal Day, or a 24 hr fast). He has skipped that meal, and tries to do that once a month. He does not have the same weight problems I have. But he has seen SOLID improvements, and feels better!

      MWF = My regular eating days. Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Yes, on a normal week, I do not eat anything (but drink water and black coffee/tea) on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. (I am changing this to help spend Sunday time cooking/eating with my daughter. I am changing to Eating on Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday now... And then not eating Mon, Tue, Thu, and Sat. Actually I am fasting as I type this from Sunday night. My Blood pressure normalizes better the more I fast. This is partially because so many foods cause my BP to spike.

      BP = Blood Pressure.

      BTW = By The Way...

      T2D = Type 2 Diabetic. A disease of EXCESS Carbohydrate Consumption. In 1815, they had the first published way to control Type I Diabetics. Because they did not have insulin, they limited their carbs, and this worked to extend their life (although, they could not store fat, and grow properly because of not having insulin... They did not die from TOO Much Glucose!). Up until 1920, doctors told patients to not eat sweets, bread, pasta, etc. to manage their weight. We have lost our way!

      A1C = Hemoglobin A1C = Blood Measurement that tells you your AVERAGE glucose level over the last 60-90 days (The life of these cells). This number is far more STABLE than a glucose reading, because those go up and down every time you eat!

      TRF = Time Restricted Feeding. This is about ZERO SNACKING. You ONLY eat at meal time. You limit your meal WINDOW (Eating Window), to 30-60 minutes. Because this limits the amount of insulin the meal will cause. If you eat for 40 minutes, your body produced SOME insulin. But when you keep eating, another INSULIN cycle hits. And you could get a second round of insulin. WORSE, if you continued eating with a sweet DESSERT, then your body will give you a bigger second INSULIN hit. And you will probably be like most Americans. Overfed, and Hungry at the same time. It's the INSULIN!

      Finally, when I say I am fixed for life. This is because this "Way of Eating" (WOE) is now my default way of eating. It is true, IF and only IF I continue on this WOE. I will. Because I NEVER want to go back to the way things were.

      If anyone has specific questions ask away... I am on a mission to help spread the word about the benefits of a KETO diet, as it is:
      1) Life Extending (when you add Intermittent Fasting)
      2) Anti-Seizure (John Hopkins uses this foe Epileptics)
      3) Anti-Alzheimers (Ketones are shown to be usable by Alzheimers patients brains IN AREAS that DO NOT FUNCTION with only glucose!)
      [So much so, there is a movement to call Alzheimers "Type III Diabetes"]
      4) Anti-Cancer: Cancer cells LOVE glucose. In fact, one thing that makes a tumor dangerous is if it can trick the body to give it new blood vessels, so it can consume glucose. Cancer Cells CANNOT live on KETONES, they lose that ability in the process of hyper cellular division. This diet is being used to treat people with Brain Cancer, as the LACK of glucose starves the brain tumor, but the brain can run on Ketones just fine!
      5) Anti-Inflammation. Inflammation is our silent killer. I suffered from it. If you have Edema You have inflammation. Arthritis? Same. I also believe that High Blood Pressure is a sign of inflammation (But it has other KNOWN causes).
      6) Anti-Heart Disease (Chronic Inflammation of the arteries damages them, repaired with PLAQUE, creating a time bomb)
      7) Anti-Diabetes (Obvious if we are reversing T2D diagnoses with it)!
      8) Pro-Health. I have not felt better in many years. I WISH I knew about this 30 years ago! I would have easily maintained a healthy weight, and good exercise.

      Finally, lost all of this weight WITHOUT high levels of exercise. In the beginning I did NONE. I only moved when my body told me to. I went from a couch potato, to someone who ENJOYS a 2.5 Mile Walk around the neighborhood, while listening to an Audible, Book on tape. When I want to listen, I have to walk. It's a great trade off.

      I am not running, and I am not even walking right now. Because I am recovering from a pretty major Hernia surgery. (As I lost my huge gut, my hernia hurt MORE. The doctor explained it is common, because the fat was protecting my intestine from pushing through the hernia!)

      I will be completely honest... The only drawback has been realizing that there is a FOOD Commercial every cycle, and every TV show has at least 2 meals being eaten/consumed/prepared while the show is just going on. NOTICE how much of ANY family show takes place at kitchen table. If I was Naive, I would think it was coincidence, but now I think there is an orchestrated effort to make us fat, dumb, and lazy. I miss the handfuls of wonderful vegetable dishes, but I don't miss the migraines they cause me! I miss having a handful of things... But not enough to gain 100lbs or more, if I start eating them.

      I look forward to hitting my target weight, and going back to OMAD. I will probably fast 1-2 days per week, just because I no longer need to eat all the time, and if you are well fed, you should easily be able to go a couple of days without eating, In fact, if you can't go 24 hours without eating... THINK about how you would have survived 100,000 years ago when we did not have so much easy access food! Are you enjoying your bread or are you Addicted to it?
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      • Posted by freedomforall 1 year, 9 months ago
        I have done liver cleanse fasts a couple times. 14 to 21 days on lemon/maple syrup drink to give my liver a break. Lost about 10% body weight each time.
        Summer of 2017 I did a very low-carbs diet and lost about 10% of my weight without any limit on intake of food. I'm "normal" weight but my clothes fit better at the 10% lower weight ;^)

        My friend, the nutritionist, recommends the ketogenic diet. I'm glad to hear you have fixed your own health with it.
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      • Posted by $ blarman 1 year, 9 months ago
        Just one note here: ketones are chemically alcohols. They are "emergency" fuels. The body was made to run on carbohydrates as a primary source because they are easy to break down and provide solid energy with a minimum of waste products. If your body is creating too many ketones (as a diabetic's does when it breaks down fats because it can't use carbohydrates), it is actually destroying your liver just as if you were a chronic alcoholic. (I have a Type I daughter and this comes straight from her dietician.)

        My daughter takes an A1C every few months to check for long-term blood sugar levels. High long-term blood sugar levels lead to really bad things like sugar crystals forming in capillaries (leading to hemorrhaging - especially in the extremities) or the cornea of the eye (leading to blindness). It also leads to renal failure or kidney disease if not managed (excess sugar in the blood is treated as a pollutant by the kidneys just like alcohol).

        Last thing is if you have some kind of problem with weight control when on a normal (food pyramid) diet, I'd actually recommend going to get your hormone levels tested - especially thyroid as it is a control hormone for the rest of the body. Proper hormone levels can absolutely contribute to proper health.
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        • Posted by 1 year, 9 months ago
          Your information on this is WRONG, this was disproved a long time ago. Ketones (and ketosis) [watch the Dr. Fung Videos I referenced],
          are REVERSING T2D, and HEALING Livers. Also, if you are in a low-level state of Ketosis, which FASTING helps bring about, your A1C goes down, as mine did.

          There are ZERO requirements to consume carbohydrates! Your body (Liver) can create Glucose from the protein you eat! And it can burn fat directly.

          Prior to changing my eating to basically an All Meat (Carnivore) diet, I had Low-T but okay thyroid. I am scheduled for a 1yr checkup on my Low-T and other things, especially with all of the changes. So far, as I said, ALL Blood markers have improved. Looking forward to continuous tracking.

          I appreciate the concern, but KETONES are ONLY BAD For Type I Diabetics, because they cannot produce insulin, EVEN THEN, they are being put on a Ketogenic diet (But not ketoacidoses levels, which is EXTREME levels of ketones with glucose present, and a lack of insulin). Because it evens out there energy.

          My LIVER Markers WERE BAD before the diet. All cleared up now that I don't eat carbs! (Again, everyone is different, but there are certain things we KNOW. Excess Carbohydrates CREATES TYPE II Diabetes!)
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          • Posted by $ blarman 1 year, 9 months ago
            Ketones are alcohols. That's just chemistry. Alcohols are pollutants to the blood stream, which is why the liver works to filter them out. Long term, a high-ketone diet stresses the liver by over-working it. Diabetics are particularly sensitive to ketoacidosis (high ketones in the bloodstream) because their livers and kidneys are already taxed by high blood sugar levels. That doesn't mean that ketoacidosis isn't a problem for normal people, just that the threshhold for a breakdown (ie liver or kidney problems) is higher usually in absolute terms as well as onset time. This is straight from a nephrologist.

            PS. I am a big proponent of fasting because fasting helps the liver and other organs complete filtering out all the garbage in the bloodstream. Even fasting for 24 hours once a month has proven health effects on the body.

            There are ZERO requirements to consume carbohydrates!

            This is where you're starting to turn into an evangelist, because the science on this directly contradicts your assertions. Carbohydrates are the best source of energy for the common human body.

            Excess Carbohydrates CREATES TYPE II Diabetes!

            A misleading statement at best. The body turns excess carbohydrates into fats for storage. Type II Diabetes is caused by long-term obesity in the absence of healthier eating and even minimal exercise because the body is over-taxing the pancreas. If Type II Diabetes persists for too long, it can actually turn into Type I Diabetes where the pancreas stops making insulin altogether. The mortality rate among those who were Type II and turn to Type I (like my wife's uncle) is extremely high and one of the most preventable conditions.

            Please don't get me wrong, I'm glad you found something that works for you. But having spent extended time (due to family members) with dieticians and endocrinologists (the list of various conditions is extensive and varied), I don't appreciate advocacy because advocates make the cardinal mistake of trying to apply their specific situation to everyone else. It is quite simply a false assumption. That's why I suggest consulting with an actual dietician (and possibly an endocrinologist) if you have weight problems. But not all situations are the same, so not all solutions are appropriate for everyone. As I stated previously, I'm glad you found something that works for you. It would kill me because I have a different body type, different hormones, etc.
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            • Posted by 1 year, 9 months ago
              I am the CLIENT of, and while I appreciate that Ketones may be an "alcohol", it is not only NOT Toxic, it is a FUEL. And I have been in almost continuous ketosis since July of 2018. With Levels over 6.0 on my glucose meter. And meanwhile, my fatty liver was healing.
              Also they are REVERSING Diabetes in people, REVERSING Obesity primarily using Carbohydrate restriction.

              I don't want this to become a WAR over what is right. But the science has changed a LOT in the last 10 years.
              We agree that everyone has to find their own way, and what works for them.

              If your daughter is a diabetic, PLEASE watch the 6 part Dr. Fung video series. I was TOLD to eat MANY small meals a day by a dietician. HORRIBLE advice. I was already insulin resistant. Dr. Fung points out, AND I VERIFIED IT with my glucose meter. Every time I snacked on Almonds, my glucose would start moving around.

              Fats dont make us fat. They are NEUTRAL to insulin. Insulin is the FAT Hormone. That's why diabetics who increase their insulin dose, gain weight! In fact, it's why they PRESCRIBE insulin to T1D. To get them to gain weight. And it's Carbohydrates that drive the insulin higher. So, you can take more insulin, or REDUCE your carbohydrate consumption.

              Don't trust me. Do some research. There are TOP Runners who are going KETO. There are now Ultra Marathon Runners doing KETO.
              Check out some of the research on where Dr. Noakes reversed his advice to runners after he got diabetes, and found he is better served on a KETOGENIC (Low Carbohydrate) diet.

              Again, I understand how you were educated. Again, we agree that everyone needs to find what works for them.
              But if your daughter could manage her glucose levels on a ketogenic diet, and NO INSULIN... Which reduces her risks of ALL Diabetic Diseases. Would you stop her? What would you tell her to monitor? (I would hope her blood work, etc)...

              I wish you luck in your journey.
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              • Posted by $ blarman 1 year, 9 months ago
                "But the science has changed a LOT in the last 10 years."

                Science continually changes because the body is an incredibly complex series of interacting systems. Science's continued study of the complexities of the body are leading to the higher prevalence of micro-drugs - medications that were originally developed to treat certain circumstances but encountered significant side-effects in certain populations of people. Understanding which populations were more prone to the side-effects - and developing the tests for them - are starting to widen out the treatment options for many people with custom application to their needs.

                Diet is no different. What I take issue with is someone coming along with the latest fad diet and yelling that it is for everyone rather than simply sticking with "it worked for me and you might want to try it." It worked for you and I'm happy for you. It would literally kill me. Why? A diet high in animal protein would be very bad for me because my body has a hard time getting rid of HDL's (high-density lipoproteins) and cholesterol (which are almost exclusively found in animal products). On a paleo diet, I would likely contract heart disease and/or atherosclerosis. I would certainly place myself at much higher risk of heart attack. MY body says "no" to keto. Someone else (like you) may be just fine.

                Moving on... Many people make the same mistake you do when they hear the word "diabetes" so I'll clear up a few things:

                Diabetes Type II (sometimes referred to as adult-onset diabetes) is almost always reversible (or at least manageable) through diet and exercise because the pancreas still functions - albeit at a reduced level. The real problem is a poor diet and no exercise to help the body metabolize food efficiently. I have had several extended family members who were Type II: some kicked it and take care of themselves now and some are now dead because they didn't take care of it. A few still fight with it because they also have hyperglycemia - which complicates matters. Proclivity for Type II Diabetes is marginally (but not definitively) genetically linked.

                Diabetes Type I (also referred to as diabetes melitus or sometimes juvenile diabetes) is NOT reversible. It is actually an auto-immune disease where the body attacks the pancreas as it would a tumor or foreign object and destroys it. Type I Diabetes is not genetically linked. There is no cure. The only treatment which at this time looks promising is called islet transplant therapy, where the patient's own pancreatic cells (Islets of Langer Hans) are harvested, multiplied, and then re-introduced back into the body. (One version uses stem cells, another does not. All versions are still highly experimental and not open for human trials as of yet.)

                Diabetics of both types have problems with circulation (especially in the extremities) and non-healing of wounds, and bruise easily. Diabetics are also more likely to end up with cataracts in the eyes, are more likely to undergo amputation of a limb, and commonly die from renal failure - not a pretty sight.

                Side note: Both my father-in-law and one of my daughters have Type I diabetes. Amazingly, my father-in-law is still alive at almost 70. My father-in-law contracted it when he was 16; my daughter (now 18) was two. Most Type I Diabetics don't make it past their 40's but longevity is increasing now with developments in artificial insulins and better monitors.

                One comment I would make about insulin: the level should move in a healthy human being just after a meal. It should rise significantly because insulin is critical to the body's absorption of carbohydrates into the cells for metabolism. The problem with a diabetic is that the body either doesn't create enough insulin (Type II) or none at all (Type I) to assist in carbohydrate assimilation. And so all those sugars - both simple and complex - can't pass from the bloodstream into the cells. That means that they then have to get cleaned out by the kidneys and liver (and excreted) or they literally turn your blood to syrup. Simple sugars in large enough amounts can actually crystallize in the blood stream and cause subcutaneous bleeding in the capillaries.

                In a normal person, the insulin gets used up as the body absorbs carbohydrates and so naturally returns to a lower baseline level. In an insulin-resistant person, they end up with a similar problem to a diabetic in that they have a hard time properly metabolizing carbohydrates, but not because of a lack of insulin. For someone like that, a diet low in carbs and high in protein makes sense because it is going to be most efficient for their body chemistry.

                Fats dont make us fat.

                In limited quantities, fats are important as insulation, padding around organs and tissues, and energy storage between meals. The brain is predominantly made of fats and fatty acids. But after a point, fat just begins to accumulate around the body and obesity sets in. You don't find a single person on earth who is overweight whose body isn't a high/unhealthy concentration of fat-storing cells. There is a reason we call them "fat" people and it is as much observation as semantics. I'm not sure where you got this idea, but if it is being sold to you by the practitioners of your diet, I thank you for telling me precisely whom to avoid as an authoritative source of health information.
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                • Posted by 1 year, 9 months ago
                  I agree with a lot of what you said, and I NEVER suggested this is for everyone. It should be tried by ANYONE who is struggling to maintain their weight/health on the current advice they are following.

                  HDL is the weakest link to atherosclerosis, and why I mentioned getting a CAC Test run.

                  But the last comment on Fats. Your Fat cells contain Triglycerides (Literally 3 different chains of GLUCOSE). So, when you need it, your body can easily take a fat cell, remove the Trig. and then the liver converts it to glucose.

                  The liver ALSO converts Protein to Glucose if you have an excess of it. The hardest thing to do with FAT is to store it as fat. And in the ABSENCE of insulin (the point of being KETO), it will not store the fat. It wont burn your own body fat.

                  You are obviously well educated.
                  And I agree it is not for everyone.
                  If what you are doing is not working, it is worth considering.

                  BTW, even if my cholesterol increased on this diet. What would be better?
                  A) 100 lbs lighter, Super Optimal A1C, Lowered BP, and off all allergy meds, with 10-20 pts higher on my cholesterol, more energy, moving more!
                  B) Basically the opposite?
                  (Luckily it's not my situation, but if it were, I would gladly have a higher cholesterol. My wife's is in the 300s, and a ZERO CAC: No Plaque)
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  • Posted by $ Stormi 1 year, 9 months ago
    Captain Kirk,
    Know what you have been through, food can kill you. Several years ago, I kept losing weight and had years of migraines. No one could find out why,Sscans and every test at local hospital. Finally, I got bronchitis twice in a month, and my doc said he thought i had food allergies. Tests came back with egg (both parts), cheese, potato, tomato, peas, corn and rye. Shocked us both. I adore potatoes, but it was giving me asthma. Some of the others gave me colon spasms. Doc said migraines would stop, I doubted it. Well, it was like being given my life back. I could avoid some of the foods., severely limit a few, but I could eat again. While I avoided meats before, they became more part of my diet. The migraines went completely away. Still, sometimes I feel like I am an alien hybrid and need to return to my planet to eat what i was meant to eat. I was so sick before doc figured it out, I thought I was dying, I could not function or depend on feeling well to do things. Even though my brain swelled after a swine flu vaccine, no one had figured out I had egg allergy, in which most flu vaccines are cultured. My BP was up as an allergy reaction. I finally got to know how people normally live.
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    • Posted by 1 year, 9 months ago
      Congratulations on finding it out.
      Many people wrongly believe Veggies=Good for you, Meat=Bad for you.
      And the point is: It depends on the "You"

      The migraines. I can trigger them at will. IF I want one in 2 days, I eat peanut butter today.
      If I want one immediately, I just need 3 egg whites. It will shut me down.

      If I want a light one that lasts 3 days, a bunch of Almonds will do it.

      I hate not eating Veggies because I love them. But point of fact. That last 30 lbs I gained, came on BECAUSE I focused for 7 years on making 1/2 my plate Vegetables. Sometimes more... Little did I know...

      Good on you! The more people talk about this, the more people can feel free to find their way. Thanks for sharing!
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  • Posted by ycandrea 1 year, 9 months ago
    I am a keto/vegan and I have lost 50 pounds so far. I was borderline diabetic, borderline high blood pressure and 90 pounds over weight. I started this diet a year ago and my last two 6-month checkups have been great! My A1C is 85 now, (was 120), my blood pressure is 116/77 now, (was 149/95 a year ago). I feel so much better! My doctor says whatever I am doing to keep doing it!
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    • Posted by 1 year, 9 months ago
      AWESOME. Good on you!
      The Ketogenic approach will be mainstream in 10 years. It should be already.

      And again, it doesn't matter if you are Vegan, or what not. And if you can healthily consume more grains/carbs, good for you. MOST cannot. That's why inflammation and diabetes/pre-diabetes now affect more than 50% of our population.

      Please ignore any bacon comments :-) Assume I mean Vegan Bacon... LOL...

      Hey, do you FINALLY feel you will be able to maintain the weight loss? (I am going to my pre-college weight of 190. A weight I NEVER thought I would hit again)
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      • Posted by ycandrea 1 year, 9 months ago
        I eat no grains. I eat a lot of salads, herbs spices, condiments, avocados, olives, almonds, pistachios, cashews, fats, oils, plus many more things. No sugar. It is all about flavor and variety for me.
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  • Posted by GaryL 1 year, 9 months ago
    I have been a carnivore my entire life eating beef, venison and chicken almost daily. I got out of the USN at 22 and weighed 170 pounds. Today at almost 67 I weigh 178 and a good carpenter always builds a shed over his tools. I do not watch what I eat but I don't like sweets and am not big on breads. Bacon is a treat reserved for maybe once a week. I am hypoglycemic and have been all my life. Actually very easy to deal with if I have some food stuff to snack on throughout every day. Rare that I drink soda but common that I drink a beer or two daily. I had a heart attack 10 years back and got a stent. The doctor has me on statin drugs and BP meds which I absolutely hate and want very much to stop taking them. Doc thinks my diet is terrible but as far as I am concerned it works great for me. My wife cooks for me and eats like a bird herself with salad being her main staple. She weighs more than me yet eats less than half of what I eat and thinks her diet is good for her. Turkey last night, venison chops tonight and a rib eye on Friday and the doc can go straight to hell.
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  • Posted by $ blarman 1 year, 9 months ago
    Congrats on finding something which works for you.

    Here's my caveat: no single diet is appropriate for everyone. Why? Because we all have different body types, metabolisms, enzyme levels, hormone levels, etc., etc., etc.

    The Food Pyramid works for some people. Paleo works for some people. Adkins works for some people. Weight Watchers works for some people. If you are concerned about your health, consult with a dietician (rather than a doctor) about what you are eating and what you want to accomplish. Most of them will review your diet and then test for specific conditions and disorders which may be causing problems for you. Then structure your dietary regimen around that.

    And don't forget to exercise. Exercise helps improve the health of your circulatory system (heart, blood vessels, lungs) and tune it up - aside from helping your metabolism. Just walking one mile every day has huge benefits (which is one of the reasons my parking is 1/2 mile from my office building).
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    • Posted by 1 year, 9 months ago
      Blarman, I could NOT agree more.

      I want EVERYONE who is struggling with their current diet to try it, and to learn to feel there way through it.

      I believe that Healthy Vegans can exist. YOU are 100% correct. Every person has a diet that will make them healthier, they have to find it.
      There is ZERO chance a diet good for ONE is good for EVERYONE. A Dietary Approach of fueling your body, monitoring your body's reactions, and adjusting is the ultimate goal.

      Exercise you speak of, I now refer to as MOVEMENT. The body NEEDS movement daily. (Exercise that most people do is too much, too hard, and is wreaking havoc on knees and joints). In 6-9 months I will make a posting of my results with Body Building/Weight Training/Endurance Training which I am looking forward to. 2 Phases, reshaping my body (adding muscle/function back at age 52), and then toning and maintaining.

      I prefer the Slow Slow resistance approach (2 times/week, 1 set until muscle failure) for MAINTENANCE! 20-30 minutes at the gym, and done. Then regular movement.
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  • Posted by $ Olduglycarl 1 year, 9 months ago
    Clean Red Meat is a medicine, a miricle, for those with O type blood and some A's with a brown eyed extreme northern heritage...and they want to take away our red meat when 60%+ of the population are O's...think about that!
    Sounds like you are a secreator as well. (secreting your bloodtype antigens is all body fluids- prone to be overweight.).

    I practice the bloodtype diet for O type blood and it changed my life.

    I would erge you to check it out and perhaps, slowly merge the two protocols because of some of your food allergies.
    And your are correct, cholesterol is not the problem, excess calcium not let your cholesterol go below 200. Every heart attack patient had cholesterol below 150 at the time of their attack.

    Happy you found your way to good health.
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    • Posted by 1 year, 9 months ago
      Thank you Carl...

      Yeah, I did the O Type diet and it helped.
      But again, not knowing I had sever food allergies really prevented continued success...

      But I kinda combined a BUNCH of Programs:
      - Eat Right 4 Your Type
      - Dr. Gundry: Plant Paradox
      - Dr. Perricone: Anti-Inflammation Diet
      - Dr. Fung: Intermittent Fasting/KETO
      - Hungarian Doctor: PKD (Paleo Keto Diet: much like mine)
      - KETO Resource (No exercise required, and great recipes I can't eat, LOL)
      - Dr. Fung: Time Restricted Feeding (Every Meal or snack releases insulin, so FEWER meals is best to manage your blood glucose level, especially when you are obese AND unhealthy)

      Great stuff... Glad you mentioned some A's need this approach. It's not as simple as "Do X".
      It really is about how YOUR UNIQUE Body Responds.

      If Susceptible people gave up Grains, SNACKING and SODA... We would probably see our obesity problems dissolve, an our NATIONAL health care bill drop by 80%

      I am hoping to start collecting DNA of Carnivore and KETO proponents (anonymously) and Vegan Vegetarian proponents, and try to sift through the differences! I bet there are a handful of markers that would tell you what is best for YOU to eat...
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      • Posted by $ Olduglycarl 1 year, 9 months ago are as bad as I am...concocting a host of protocols together. I am always trying something new but stick with the basic O type diet...using that as a place to start and to which all should be measured.
        Blood agglutination is blood agglutination no matter what the causation is mixed with.

        I did the strict O diet for a year, it was really hard and expensive. Then I graduated slowly to the genotype diet which allowed me to eat somethings that were on the fringe. example...I can now eat spelt products, (an ancient wheat that was never made into a poison), some cheeses etc and a cob of corn or two during the summer months.
        Besides the obvious, wheat, milk, tomato sauce, corn, oranges, soy and peanuts, Pork was the biggest longer get sick...why? because pork mimics A type blood and to an O...that means a fight to the finish and to hell with germs, viruses or pathogens.
        Miss my bacon though.
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        • Posted by 1 year, 9 months ago
          Carl, I eat bacon A LOT... But your comments on pork make me want to give it up for a bit and see how things go.

          The great thing is that I can test it out and see what helps me feel better!

          Switching to OMAD was a great TIME and MONEY saver. One big meal a day. I only have to do dishes 3-4 times a week, LOL. My food costs, despite eating a 12-18 steak is way below what I used to spend on food, eating all the time!
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          • Posted by term2 1 year, 9 months ago
            I can believe eating one big meal a day. If I do that, I lose weight. I have tended to eat more veges and chicken and it keeps my disbetes in check as well as weight.
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  • Posted by $ Abaco 1 year, 9 months ago
    Good job. Effective measures. I have seen other examples of people who lose such weight and, suddenly, they don't need any meds anymore - no more diabetes, cholesterol, etc...zilch.

    Somehow, I've stayed at my college weight for 30 years. I eat all kinds of stuff but work out hard 2 to 3 times per week, not including golf. I feel fortunate. But, I've always said that if I hit a weight that's 8 more than where I'm at I'm immediately instituting substantive changes.
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  • Posted by cranedragon 1 year, 9 months ago
    Congratulations on your successes. I have also found that my health, physical and mental, are vastly improved in an inverse relationship with my ingestion of the Standard American Diet. Just give me a nice big steak once a day and I'm happy and healthy, with stable weight and mood.
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  • Posted by DoctorObvious 1 year, 9 months ago
    Great job! Congratulations on your success. Be sure to avoid missing essential nutrients and get some healthy veggies worked in. I started like you with the mostly meat, and 18 years later have more balance, without starches, sugars and grains. The fasting worked for me with diagnosis of hyperinsulinemia. So far have dodged the Type2 DM that has affected other family members.
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  • Posted by term2 1 year, 9 months ago
    This sounds like BS to me. Meat would be the most expensive thing you could eat, so one would have thought this diet would have been approved by the economic powers that be a long time ago.
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    • Posted by 1 year, 9 months ago
      While meat is relatively expensive, that is mostly because farmers get HUGE subsidies to grow crap like corn. And they LOVE Illegal day laborers...

      Regardless, I consume 3,000 calories about 3-4 times a week right now.

      And I am spending far less than I spent on a "Standard American Diet (SAD)"... With meat, vegetables, grains, and desserts, snacks, nuts, etc.

      I only eat to nourish myself as needed. I eat ribeyes a lot. As much as 3lbs of bacon in a day at times... But figure out what you spend every day. If you eat ONE meal out, you are probably spending more than I do on a home cooked steak.
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      • Posted by term2 1 year, 9 months ago
        Definnitely the eating OUT thing is very expensive. I wonder about the bacon thing though. I dont have data, but have heard from my prostate doctor that bacon is the worst thing for me to eat. The pigs seem to eat a lot of veges and they are the ones making bacon, so I am not sure.
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        • Posted by 1 year, 9 months ago
          I love that: "Pigs convert vegetables to bacon"

          Bacon... It saved me. I LOVE vege, but had to give them up, so no fruits, no vege, no grains, breads, desserts, no sweets, sugar, juices, artificial sweeteners, dairy, egg whites.

          I get meat, water, black coffee, occasional Egg Yolks. Bacon is what makes this enjoyable. And sausage. But I tolerate it really well AFAIK, but I will TEST it by withdrawing from it for a week, and monitoring my results, then having a lot on one day, and monitoring Blood Levels, and BP. Of course, if you get bored, just fast for a few more days... Hunger sometimes removes the BOREDOM. I have yet to grill a nice steak and say "meh" when I have not eaten for 1-2 days!
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          • Posted by term2 1 year, 9 months ago
            We have buffets here in vegas. You could probably get whatever you wanted on your diet. Btw, what the guests don’t eat, they send to a large pig farm in vegas, and the pigs eat it and make bacon. Not sure if it’s recycled ...
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            • Posted by 1 year, 9 months ago
              My neighbor just lost about 40 lbs following me on this journey. He is at his target weight, he recently went to Vegas, and bought a 24hr buffet pass...

              He at ONE meal at 7:15PM and the next day he had his dinner at 6:30PM... He said eating one meal a day saved him a TON of money, and was awesome for the whole trip!
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  • Posted by $ pixelate 1 year, 8 months ago
    Thank you for sharing your personal story and congratulations on your success.

    As for me, I have weighed in at 160 pounds for the past 20+ years with a BMI right around 22. I exercise regularly and experience very little pain. When I run 200 mile ultra races, the calories need to come in regularly -- the notion of taking a Day Off for fasting just wouldn't work. However -- I think that daily fasting could have a place outside the schedule of ultra-running. The Time-Window nutrition intake is also something that I can put to work.

    I have a family member with T2D. I am aware of a number of lifestyle changes that can be implemented as a means to reduce or eliminate the symptoms of T2D. The sad part is that the person with T2D has become attached to their illness and the symptoms. The T2D is now a fabric of their life -- similar to the way that religion can become a large part of an individual's life. If I, or other family members, even remotely suggest that this person can change their life ... eliminate their T2D by changing their behavior -- this person becomes very emotional and makes clear that this is something that they cannot change ... and that it is hereditary ... and that I should be embarrassed to even suggest such a thing. I have some friends that treat their chronic back pain the same way -- their disability defines them. Some folks simply cannot be helped.
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    • Posted by 1 year, 8 months ago
      Pixelate, thanks for your kind comments... While we all have to find our own WHY (and kudos on your running), this may help with those T2Ds...

      First, don't make it their problem! See, as someone who was weighing in at 307lbs, NOTHING worked. I had a dietitian, personal trainer for 3 years. I gained weight!
      Gave up DIET soda for 3 months (was promised I would lose weight). NOPE. No real change. I did not get here by accident, NOR did I do it on purpose. I was being given well-meaning advice (Eat more Veg! Move more!). Eat more times a day. Don't skip breakfast. BUT they were telling me to do WHAT WORKED FOR THEM!

      Nobody suggested I get my blood tested, do DNA testing to see if I can absorb vitamins properly. Nobody mentioned that those DEEP LINES my dress socks caused in my legs were a sign of MASSIVE inflammation.

      What to do? Ask them if they realize that they have been lied to? See, the beauty of those Dr. Fung videos is that he EXPOSES The big Lies:
      1) T2Diabetes is a disease of too little insulin (LIE: Its' a disease of too high of glucose, usually from the diet, sometimes from the statin pills)
      2) The Food Pyramid is not grounded in science, and is way to Grain Heavy
      3) The "Calorie is a Calorie" is PAID FOR by Frito Lay and Coca Cola. They pay doctors to keep pushing that mantra, so their fake food is "acceptable"
      4) Even insurance companies who are realizing that KETO works, have been THREATENED that if they tell their clients to do ANYTHING other than the Food Pyramid, and the standard diet, LITERALLY the AMA and Big Pharma will sue them [Was one of the non Fung Videos, I think Ivor Cummins]
      5) If it tastes sweet, your body will produce insulin. It does not matter if it is zero calories. And you risk a shot of insulin EVERY time you eat.
      6) Finally when you Glucose is not being controlled, it should be treated with MORE INSULIN... Which makes the patient fatter, and less healthy

      So, it is NOT their fault. They have been given the WORSE POSSIBLE ADVICE for their genetics!
      I have not had a Diet Soda since I tested it, and watched its impact on my glucose levels. I intend to never have one for the rest of my life. I will not give them another PENNY, since THEY KNOW the impact on Insulin and hunger, but HIDE BEHIND "Zero Calories".

      Please don't try to get them to change! Try to get them to LEARN what is possible! What it is that food might be doing to them! THEN THEY Can DECIDE, and that is when it becomes powerful. When I REALIZED how many lies I was told, and so I just started doing and researching the opposite of common advice, I was blown away by how healthy I was becoming, and how quickly it was happening...

      But this flies in the face of Big Pharma, Big Medicine, Fast Foods, Coca-Cola/Pepsi, Snack Companies. Imagine a world were snacking was a once a month thing?

      KUDOS to you. And NOBODY suggests a marathon runner or Ultra Marathon runner should restrict calories. Your body is burning plenty. THIS IS FOR THOSE who struggle to maintain their weight or lose weight following the standard advice!

      Good luck to you!

      PS: It's my birthday, and I am enjoying some DIET Cranberry drink, mixed in iced tea (unsweetened otherwise), and SURE ENOUGH, it spiked my glucose, and took me out of ketosis... (That was LONG before dinner... Where I went OFF the reservation for my birthday, had an ENTIRE dessert, and Fettucine Alfredo. YUM. But, I will now FAST for as many days as it takes to burn this excess off... PLUS ONE day to lock it in. Feasting is okay, just famine for a while after that. We live in a Feast and Bigger Feasts world)
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      • Posted by $ pixelate 1 year, 8 months ago
        Hello Captain -- thank you for all of the additional information as well as the advice regarding a perspective that I should employ when dealing with others that could use some help in terms of diet and lifestyle improvement. One thing we all need to keep in mind -- and you note this clearly -- we are each individuals. The proscription that works for one person may not work for someone else, even when those two individuals share a great deal in common. I think that I will give the daily fasting a try though ... or at least ease into it with a very low calorie day or two. Then, take note of the results. Time-Window-Nutrition intake also has merit, which means I would need to turn off the caloric intake after 10pm ... then narrow the time-window down to around 12 hours. As I see it, there is always room for personal improvement. Cheers to your continued success and in sharing your message to those that find merit in it.
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        • Posted by 1 year, 8 months ago
          Thank you for taking it as intended.
          Also, as a note, Dr. Fung mentions research that shows that eating AFTER 6:30pm causes a 25-50% increase in insulin secretion. Not good.

          Yep, cutting out the snacks, and all eating after a meal is a great idea. It turns out, our mothers and grandmothers were right... Snacking isn't good! LOL
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  • Posted by $ blarman 1 year, 9 months ago
    Question: what do you do for fiber? Take supplements?
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    • Posted by 1 year, 9 months ago
      I take a bunch of supplements, ALWAYS Have, which is why I believe despite all of the inflammation for 30 years, I have a 75 CAC score, and yet my older/healthier brothers: 1 passed away from cancer a decade ago, one has a stent, and one had triple bypass a couple of years ago.

      I do NOT take fiber. Fiber is part of the problem for me. I have a leaky gut. Protein is digested cleanly. Very little "fiber" to come through.

      I always HAD instestinal issues BEFORE. They are gone. I don't get "constipated", I just don't have any volume. It's easier to go when I have to go.

      Add in that a lot of time I eat only 3 meals a week (that's a DAY of meals for some people), so a week is not overly long between going #2...

      I take a lot of magnesium and potassium, Vitamins (C,D,E,K2), Iodine. I have a small bucket, but they are for "added" protection, not making up a deficit. I take 3-6 GRAMS of vitamin C/day. I have always taken high doses, but I don't usually get sick unless I fall off the wagon of taking my supplements. (Which happens)
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      • Posted by $ blarman 1 year, 9 months ago
        Thanks for the info. Gives a bigger-picture view into the specific nature of your situation and the actions you are taking. I applaud you for not giving up and pursuing a course of action that addresses your needs!
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