Socialism is Slavery of All to All!!!

Posted by $ JAG 2 years, 2 months ago to Video
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  • Posted by j_IR1776wg 2 years, 2 months ago
    Socialism is NOT slavery of all to all. It is the slavery of most to a self-appointed elite some! And it is those elite some who must be destroyed if individual rights ever be returned to the enslaved most.
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    • Posted by ZenRoy 2 years, 2 months ago
      I would tend to disagree with the statement that socialism is slavery of most to a self-appointed elite some. I think slavery of all to all is more accurate.

      In socialism you generally do have some form of public opinion that guides behavior. The elite must act in accordance with this social behavior meter or they will no longer be the elite. Thus they are slaves to their own creation.

      There may be some regulators who are immune to this public opinion slavery, but if they do not conform, then they loose their job or worse get stuck in some crap assignment. Making them also slaves.

      The elites also have some other elite who is the star of the day they must kiss the behind of as well. No one ever stays in the top seat for long as you are only there when you have a power position to be a slaver from. Even in that potions the top elite is still a slave to public opinion and so they attempt to sway that opinion to there favor.

      Nothing is earned and traded for honestly, no contracts exist to protect the dishonest trader and so each man is a slave to those they trade with no mater who that man or woman is.

      I would think the better statement is all are slaves to all, but the master are simply power groups that constant change and ebb.
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