Portland Students Want School Officers Removed Due To Having Guns

Posted by  $  allosaur 7 months, 2 weeks ago to News
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Yeah, right. An occasional crazy will be in the news shooting up a school and you kids want to shoo away your armed bodyguards.
Because all guns are so bad there should not be any at all? Where has me dino heard that before?
Surely, these kids did not come up with this libtarded idiocy on their own.
Check out the second video. Aha! Take a gander at an adult in charge of an organized student demonstration.
And maybe there really isn't all that many public school kids seen lined up with their pretty little identical signs.
SOURCE URL: https://www.mrctv.org/blog/portland-public-school-students-call-removal-sros?mkt_tok=eyJpIjoiTUdNM09EZGhZalZqWVRjeSIsInQiOiJ6TnZ0RDMzWWR3OU8xdzZyMm40SWN1N3l6YVhQUGtyOE91QzBscE5yVEM5Y2QyWFpDc0JUa05aaE9XeVRcL0VadENcLzhCcHEzcFFFWUV1QU53SDNHZ0tHWFJ3WlR3Q2d2NCtVK1NaSVdkVzZpQUJxazVmSEI2b29MK0pOcmRmck5RIn0%3D

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  • Posted by  $  exceller 7 months, 2 weeks ago
    "Micah Mizushima stated. “I mean how would you feel being in a classroom with an officer with a gun? Like, I’m trying to do a math test here.”

    Like? One of those who doesn't even know how to speak English properly but she is protesting.

    What homes do this youngsters live in?
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    • Posted by  $  7 months, 2 weeks ago
      If I were an unarmed kid, I'd love that armed officer in my classroom if I heard a bunch of shooting start up.
      I was in a convenience food store last week when concealed carry me spoke to an open carry dude who came in,
      saying as I patted my right front pocket, "I see you have an outtie. I have an innie."
      Man said he worked at the Vape Shop next door and added, "Sometimes a customer will ask me why I'm wearing this."
      He pointed at his holstered revolver.
      "Self defense?" interjected me the dino.
      He said he's ready for any crazy people.
      Same difference.
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