Pro-Bernie Sanders Arizona Vote Recorder Was Attorney for Fast and Furious Gun Buyer

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Do the Math: Irregular Voting in Arizona
12 Nov 2018 - 8:50:47 PM
R Gov won by 328,000 votes.
D Sen is winning by 32,000 votes.
R Gov won Maricopa County by 325,000 votes.
D Sen winning Maricopa by 32,000 votes?
[350,000] vote swing to D Sen?

This deserves to be thoroughly ignored by the Fake news. In stead of nonstop trump bashing
Main stream media . Watch Q
The “Uncivil War “ has many facets. The MSM
Is like an aircraft carrier launching mind control
Lies and propaganda. Guiding the citizens like sheep. Promoting peer pressure designed to shame anyone denying their narrative by labeling. You all know the drill racist sexist it’s,ist, I’m ism to ad nauseum . Q is a top trump insider .Today Q anon just became #2 to Donald Trump’s #1 for negative news reports.
That’s a lot of news coverage for a LARP.
There are 175,000 videos of Q drops produced in the last year. Spaceshot76 ,X22 report on YouTube are very good. The main suggestion from the Q messages is to do your own research. #WWG1WGA

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