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  • Posted by  $  Olduglycarl 4 months, 1 week ago
    The SUN silly...Laughing...we know that here but just had to say get a strange look when said to lefties...Priceless

    As you, I and many others here have discovered, there are a host of natural conditions, events and cycles that change climate and that this global warming ruse, is just that, most probably for unearned power, but also to distract us from the real possibility of devastating events to come.
    I almost wish that the mystics were correct: behave and all would be well. I don't see that in earths history, in the suns history, in the solar systems history nor the history, (what we know of it) of our own milky way.
    What I do see is that if we investigated what our ancestors were relaying to us, studied these cycles, we would prepare and could prosper instead of being pulled one way or the other, deceived by one thing or another...right up to a time when it's too late to prepare except to bend over and kiss your butt good bye.
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  • Posted by  $  Solver 4 months, 2 weeks ago
    Since the climate changers myopically see that only humans are the major cause for the climate changing, everything else in the whole vast universe is just minor.

    Before mankind, the climate never changed.
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  • Posted by Lucky 4 months, 2 weeks ago
    A comment from me, I do not watch youtubes.

    I did read the comments:
    Many of the criticisms are ad hominem, attacks on Dr Willie Soon started in NYT and falsely claimed he was paid by big bad coal.
    and, Palmer R. Chitester is a "right-wing ideologue".
    and, "Is this video a lie funded by Trump".
    Many of the comments are, surprisingly, good.

    My comment: Surface temperatures are influenced by clouds. Clouds are formed from moisture, humidity in the atmosphere. Cloud formation is driven by radiation. The sun emits radiation in waves, cycles.
    There is an major cycle associated with sun-spots at 11 year intervals. Models, if that is not a bad word, have shown fair correlation between solar cycles (the integral of, over centuries) and temperature.
    Models using CO2 as the sole driver show poor correlation. Temperature data is quite poor in quality, utterly unsuitable for trillion dollar decisions. On top of that, data has been manipulated, homogenized, by confidential (secret) techniques, in popular language- faked.

    Why does the sun have these cycles? The sun is not solid but gaseous. Conjecture, with some evidence, is that there are massive internal spinning masses which act as magnetos generating energy.

    So much for science, but what has science got to do with this? CAGW is a sociological political movement.
    One of the prime drivers is 'false altruism'. The chattering classes want to be seen as caring, on the side of the angels, saving the planet, thereby establishing group membership. At the top there is virtue signalling and fake postering, lower down are the devotees who will sacrifice for the cause.
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