Social Justice strikes again

Posted by  $  Solver 9 months, 1 week ago to Culture
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Another example of an emotionally crazy collectivist world screaming, “We believe accusers!”

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  • Posted by ProtoCaller 9 months ago
    The implied premise of the converse is that the justice system alone does not guarantee justice without the addition of social pressure because the justice system disfavors the less fortunate.

    The obvious flaw is that the justice system is one based on induction. The more terrible flaw is the argument that the justice system is broken because it is imperfect. Therefore one is justified in vigilantism as it is the only means to achieve justice.

    The "conclusion" relies on justification, which is a product of justice, in order to guarantee justice. This argument is circular and therefore not a conclusion at all. In fact, it succumbs to the same flaw its proponents would ascribe to traditional, courtroom justice i.e. the justice system because vigilantism i.e. social justice also relies on the induction principle.

    What a terrible waste of life.
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  • Posted by rainman0720 9 months ago
    In some of my rare leisure time, I created an interesting scenario, and I can't wait to see what the left does in the event it unfolds in real life like it plays out in my head.

    Justice Ginsburg (for whatever reason) is no longer on the Supreme Court. President Trump nominates Amy Coney Barrett for the open seat.

    Then just before a vote is taken, some guy comes along and accuses her and a couple of her classmates of some sexual misdeed, maybe forcing him to drop his pants and masturbate while they watched.

    If the left holds consistent with one position (burden of proof is on the conservative), then they must publicly believe the guy and the onus of proving herself innocent would be on Judge Barrett.

    If they're consistent on a second position, then they have to publicly believe the guy as they would use him to the hilt to prevent President Trump from appointing a 3rd Justice to the Supreme Court.

    But yet another lefty position means they have to publicly believe Judge Barrett simply because Barrett is female, since that seems to be one of their judgment criteria: Woman speaks = truth, man speaks = lie.

    As it unfolds in my head, all I can see is the left running around like Keystone Kops.
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    • Posted by DrZarkov99 9 months ago
      Barrett will be attacked because she's a sincere practicing Catholic who can't be trusted to uphold the most severe interpretation of Roe vs Wade. That will be the Democrat strategy: call her a liar and take every possible statement or judgment she's ever made out of context to prove it. The media will dutifully ape the Democrat line, and be dramatically appalled at what a horrible fate awaits American women if this religious nutcase is a replacement for Ginsberg.
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      • Posted by rainman0720 9 months ago
        I agree completely; Feinstein has already blazed that particular trail a year ago during Barrett's confirmation hearing. It's just fun to fantasize about something a bit "juicier" just to see which way the left would go: against the (conservative) female, or against the male. Believe the accuser, or believe the female.
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  • Posted by BCRinFremont 9 months ago
    The French Revolution seems just around the corner for North America; a bit of history that is no longer being taught, along with the founding of the Republic of the United States of America.
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  • Posted by LibertyBelle 9 months ago
    Well, if that kind of thing happens in Mexico, no wonder that people want to leave.
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    • Posted by  $  25n56il4 9 months ago
      I have a friend who just retired to Mexico... (Nurse Practitioner)... and bought a home which she is turning into a B&B. It costs $6 to get her dog groomed and she recently had a knee replaced in a really first class hospital with superior nursing care for $2500 (surgery and three days in the hospital). Makes one think!
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