California Set to Seize its Coastal Properties

Posted by bsmith51 7 months ago to Politics
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Not sure how to categorize this, since there's none for Irony. Humor kind of works but, at the punch line, it isn't funny. Science is definitely a no-go. Ah, there it is: Politics, which includes institutionalized theft.
Californians could take solace that at least their current record rains will go into the new reservoirs they voted for. Except that the state didn't build them, opting instead to throw up roadblocks.
What a state!!

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  • Posted by  $  nickursis 7 months ago
    Hmmm. Communists being raped by other Communists. Didn't that happen in Russia? Didn't they promise the elite would be fine, as long as they did not interfere? Oh, that did not go well. As in Venezuela, the sheeple will learn their masters meant them no good. Using unroven, artifical crisis to gain power over property "just to prepare" is the best form of looting: Lie to get the lie authorized that you lie about what you will do, until it is too late to stop them. Great. The Deep State at work. No wonder they voted to allow Communists out of the closet and into public jobs.
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    • Posted by freedomforall 7 months ago
      Those who escaped Cuba with their lives after their property was stolen are another great example of this repeating cycle of looting by statists, socialists and communists. Those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it.
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  • Posted by Lucky 7 months ago
    You may laugh but there is science behind it (well klimut sienz anyway)-

    Those island nations in the Pacific Ocean that were going to be submerged as sea levels are rising, fact is their land area is growing.
    Strong ocean currents driven by global warming are sucking water away and sending it at high speed east to the California coast.
    When they give me the consultancy, I will tell them to build lots of wind generators along the coast, but face them out so the water is pushed back. ( I will accept a Knobell).
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    • Posted by  $  nickursis 7 months ago
      Funny they have sea generators for power that work off that stuff (sea currents) yet they want to take property? Hmmm.. could this be...dare I say it....CORRUPTION IN KALIFORNIA?? Nah...its just Trump again, being's always Trump...
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  • Posted by  $  Olduglycarl 7 months ago
    "California's politics has been dominated by what the Public Policy Institute of California coined as the coastal-inland divide, with the coastal elites voting Democratic and the inland lower-middle-class areas voting Republican."

    Could all this be happening to erase republican votes?, by overwhelming them with twice as many progressive postmodern marxist?

    Since when has california politicians Ever cared for human life abet the votes one is worth.

    Here is the humor of the situation, [sic] Ocean levels never rise during Grand Solar get more ice and snow and unpredictable weather...Hmm...isn't that going on right now?

    But here is the rub. There is couple cycles even more diabolical. We have been discussing them here on the Gulch and still being vetted out for likelyhood. 1 Pole reversal and 2 a micro nova event that reportedly happens every 12K years.

    Although the cycle is undeniable, it's effects are sketchy, but if even half right, the sea level Will rise and it won't matter who owns it, who lives there, it will be too late and it won't matter at all because much of the global continents will be decimated and there likely Will be Ocean front property in Arizona...but no one will be around to care...
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  • Posted by term2 7 months ago
    I have been selling all real estate I owned in california and probably NEVER going back there again. Its a beautiful but disgusting place. I am so DONE with leftists.
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  • Posted by  $  Stormi 7 months ago
    This is just more of the socialist, UN plot to do away with property rights. As they o this, and no one complains, it becomes more and more acceptable, soon private property ownership is a thing of the past.This is Agenda 21/2030 at work, all based on bogus science. We are in year three of a mini ice age, not global warming. As true commies they believe the moe they say there is global warming, the more people will think there is. Calif. started plowing up rural roads 10 years ago, to comply with UN Agenda 21's call for moving people into population dense urban settings. It raises prices of land, and make affordable housing even more inaccessible. But, helping people is never part of their plan.
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    • Posted by  $  pixelate 6 months, 4 weeks ago
      Indeed -- A21 or 2030 ... My small town just finished their Comp Plan 2037 -- plans for the next 20 years. The Washington State Dept of Ecology got their blurb regarding Climate Change into everyone's plans apparently. I tried to talk to the Council and Planners indicating that the "logic" employed did not make any sense ... Essentially, the blurb went something like this:

      "The climate may be warmer in the future. Studies have shown that with a warmer climate, population centers may experience X. As a result of X, we will be recommending the following nine mitigation efforts." So then, the Council / Planners just pasted into place the nine mitigation efforts given the foregone conclusion that Yes, it will be getting warmer and populations will experience X.

      This sort of nonsense could be extended -- example "We expect the population of our city to grow. Increased growth means potential for increased population density which can result in more crime. Therefore, we will be implementing: cameras at every intersection, panic boxes every 500 feet within residential areas, increasing the number of active police officers by 75% (for your safety) . . ."

      We also have something called the Washington State GMA (Growth Management Act). This little gem makes it essentially impossible for local land owners, of larger acreage (think 40 acre parcels and larger) to sub-divide into 5 acre lots for single home / ranch development. The GMA is concerned about "urban sprawl" (God Bless them!) and so, this self-anointed administrative body, can reject any proposal (Short Plat, for example), that is petitioned for by a land owner -- they override the local zoning and planning board(s).
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      • Posted by  $  Stormi 6 months, 4 weeks ago
        I remember a book by a Democrat in Calif., and she was calling for an end to the seizing of property. My brother lives in Fla., where they seized a whole subdivision on the coast. When some would not accept their price, the just plowed up all access roads to their properties, and it was not a old division! This insidious loss of private property rights, urge on by the UN, has got to stop. Once our property rights are gone, and Cortez wants to, like Hillary, make dissent over global warming a crime, there goes Freedom of Speech as well.
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  • Posted by ColHogan 7 months ago
    California has whined about a water shortage for every bit of the time they've mismanaged water acquisition. They've drained Owens Lake and Lake Powell while letting virtually all the rainfall run directly into the sea. But no politician leaves office poorer than he went in.
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  • Posted by ycandrea 7 months ago
    Is the sea level rising?
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    • Posted by  $  pixelate 7 months ago
      If it is, then it hasn't been by much. My folks have lived in Cocoa Beach Florida for 22 years. When they got their winter home there, the place was at four foot elevation. I always inquire if the water is not up and into the kitchen. Nope. They are still at four foot elevation. The bankers in Cape Canaveral and Melbourne continue to make loans for spec property on the beach where the structures act as collateral. Any sea level change as been unremarkable. The impending coastal doom has been over-played.
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    • Posted by Lucky 7 months ago
      Measurements from satelites are, well can be, very accurate. However, when readings vary by metres/yards in a few seconds conclusions are hard to reach.
      Over the past century there is some consensus -pardon the word- that there has been an increase globally of about 1.5mm per year. The uncertainty range is a few times that. There are wide variations, some places notorious for dramatics (such as holding government meetings under water!) are growing in area. Kiribati, Maldives, Tuvalu, Bangladesh. Others may be sinking (did someone say, Let it be California?). Reasons could be tektonic plate movements, subsidence from overdraw of groundwater ..
      As for melting ice, almost certainly no- ice cover may be increasing.
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  • Posted by Abaco 6 months, 3 weeks ago
    The party officials will move into the homes. We've seen this before. Ask my friends from South Vietnam...

    Living here...I would not be surprised at all to see this happen. But, what about those Hollywood stars who live on the beach in Malibu? Oh, they won't have to sell. They can stay...
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