Lecture at IHI 2018 Wellness Expo (audio)

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The full audio transcript of Dr. D'Adamo's Nov. 17, 2018 lecture at the Institute For Integrative Health 2018: In Good Health Wellness Expo.

Audio recording courtesy of Institute for Integrative Health (Twitter handle: @SpeakHealth).
'5 Biohacks for improved personalized dietary and lifestyle choices'
SOURCE URL: https://dadamo.com/txt/index.pl?4001&mc_cid=173c5695ef&mc_eid=c47417bd0e

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  • Posted by  $  5 months, 1 week ago
    I have been following the Blood type/Geno type diet and supplement program for 25 years now and haven't had so much as a cold or flue since.

    It changed my life and health for the better...if this understanding was around when I was born, perhaps I wouldn't be so ugly and old looking now...laughing... but at least I don't feel or think old.
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