CELINUNUNU: Your children are Not your children!

Posted by  $  Olduglycarl 3 weeks, 3 days ago to Culture
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“For us, they are everything. But in reality we are only a fraction of their universe.”
Celine is combining magic and fashion with her gender neutral children's line.

Pure Unadulterated anti science, anti biology, Post Modernism with the cultural Force of Marxism.
THIS is what the extreme left is allll about.

Ok, objectively, She is profiting off a trend, If people are going to fall for this crap then someone has to do it, [sar]...that in itself is not a bad thing; But in the bigger picture, just think of all the screwed up kids we have already, what will this do to them, what will this do to the parents, nevermind parent child relationships or the family structures in the future.

Or, in an objective, aware and awakened society, might we see, as in Sweden: The more egalitarian a society becomes, the bigger the differences become between Genders. 3 well conducted, large sampled, studies done in the past 3/4 months point this out, definitively.
Here are 2:

The problem is that progressive postmodernist aren't necessarily concerned with gender equality but in division and destruction of anything traditional to the western world. So my take is... under these circumstances, more harm than good will be experienced.

I can only imagine what Rand would have to say about the perversions of postmodernism, haven't found much on the subject in relation to objectivism from Her. But I am sure she would be tickled pink over the Swedish study conclusions.

SOURCE URL: https://youtu.be/vSdSFKj-hOc

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  • Posted by Abaco 3 weeks, 1 day ago
    I hate to admit it. But, the progressive postmodernists' interest in children, putting transgender bathrooms in elementary schools first, forced medical treatments for children only, etc...really has bolstered my faith. Why? Because this stuff is pure evil and indicates that there is clearly a devil. This is beyond just wanting to control people. This is dark. Not happy about it...
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    • Posted by  $  3 weeks, 1 day ago
      Makes on realize that there are right and wrongs written into the natural laws that define existence. They can be observed...no need for blind faith and it's not even a blind believe to understand that there had to be some intent by the causation of existence itself.
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  • Posted by  $  blarman 3 weeks, 1 day ago
    Uh, having been in a maternity ward only a few months ago, I can tell you that you would literally have to storm the doors with C4 to get to the actual babies. If you don't have a parent's wristband on, you can't get near them.

    All that aside, the rest of this is just sick and demented on a staggering level. You want to try to convince an adult of your ideology - that's one thing. But to twist and dement children? That's demonic.
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  • Posted by mia767ca 3 weeks, 1 day ago
    one if the nasty realities that I discovered thru 2 divorces, it that when you file for divorce, your child becomes a ward of the state until he/she is 18 years old...custody is merely assigned...they are no longer your child...the belong to the state...
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    • Posted by  $  Solver 3 weeks, 1 day ago
      That can be changed. The state could claim them after they are born. Indentified as future social warriors, they would be owned by humanity. Their many needs would be taken care of by those with the most ability. Afterwards, they would be assigned their life task for the greater good of the global tribe.

      Yes, this sounds like a dystopian novel. But a growing number believe this is the Utopia they are fighting for.
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  • Posted by Abaco 3 weeks, 2 days ago
    You can see entertainers like her when they decide to take on the phase where they sell their soul to bolster their career. Watch...you'll be seeing her all over the tv now - talk shows, halftime shows, news coverage.
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    • Posted by  $  3 weeks, 2 days ago
      It's disappointing when you see someone whom is good at what they do, seemed by past behavior, to have a good head on their shoulders, kowtow to postmodernism.
      Sure, she has started a business based on a false short time need, but at the same time, lends credence to a bunch of nonsense.
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  • Posted by  $  jlc 3 weeks ago
    The Swedish report is of a study; the variables are uncontrolled. The conclusions do not follow the data. For example, it is possible that gender-equality nations also have better economies for non-stem grads and more women choose to take easier classes and still be able to earn a good living.

    Also: Since when did the Gulch become anti-choice? I do not know anything about Celine, but the short video did not mention magic or anti-science. Clothes for women are stupid and have been for about 500 years. Women's clothes are based on the assumption that the only thing a woman can do to support herself is sell herself. It is not surprising that, increasingly, 'jeans and t-shirt' are the clothes of choice for people in general.

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    • Posted by  $  3 weeks ago
      The economies were accounted for in other studies.

      Oh, blowing some black dust on the babies and they become dressed in cloths of different memes...sounds like magic to me.
      The anti science part is: There is no difference between males and females, (gender neutral). Biology/gender does effect one's choices and behavior...they are making the choices for you before you have the chance to grow up and decide for yourself.

      It's not so much the cloths but the false ideology behind it, not to mention, we are talking about little girls and boys here...not adults.

      PS...I wear jeans and shirt most of the time as well.
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      • Posted by  $  jlc 3 weeks ago
        Likewise. Ha. If you define special effects as 'magic' then we are indeed rife with it in all media.

        If we focus our ire on irrelevant or even beneficial aspects of social change, we shift our focus from the actually relevant issue: that biological differences exist, but that a statistical norm does not apply to the individual. Science first; all else is subsidiary.

        If the only people who wear spike heels are those who love the 'costume' of them, then that is a step forward, in my opinion. If women are not, statistically, as good at math as men (which is quite possible, but not certain) it still does not keep the most brilliant mathematician I have personally met from being a woman.

        Insofar as the genders of children are concerned, let the kids run around in jeans and t--shirts until they decide what role they want - and it does not matter a particle to me if the role agrees with their chromosomes or not.

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        • Posted by  $  3 weeks ago
          I don't think a predisposition of competence in a subject is the deciding factor. Women can and are good at math but prefer, in large numbers to nurture.
          Like Jordan Peterson has explained, 'generally speaking' Men prefer things, women prefer people. Simply put.

          As to suggesting to young children that they can at any moment decide what gender they want to be is idiotic and harmful...however, if there is a real problem...it will show up eventually and statistics show, most children with gender dysphoria, grow out of it.
          As for clothing? Gender neutral already exists in clothing, but a young child can't make that decision on their own...they 'usually' follow their peers.
          These days, That would be harmful.
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          • Posted by  $  jlc 3 weeks ago
            I think that your statement is an accurate representation of our society as it is now. I would remind you, however, that we are trying to overturn at least a couple thousand years of conditioning that firmly told women that their only role was to nurture. Culture also told men that their role was NOT to nurture. Thankfully, men are also breaking out of that pigeonhole. Remember when a man in a birthing room was considered scandalous?

            Please take into consideration that the birth rate in Singapore is below replacement rate. Women in Singapore are freely choosing to not nurture to even the extent necessary to replace the population. I, as an individual, do not have a maternal instinct; I have a number of female friends, happily married, who feel the same way. We are normal women; we just don't have any desire to have children.

            I believe that it is an error to equate 'an accurate report on how things are now' with 'an inherent predisposition'. I certainly do not consider it any more harmful for a child to follow this generation's dress styles than it was in the 1950's.

            Mostly, I wrote on this thread to express that having such an anguished, doom filled, discussion because of 'how children are dressing' is not worthy of this list. I am more than willing to have children (and adults) dressing whichever way the gender-whim-of-the-moment takes them, as long as they work for a living and take responsibility for their own deeds.

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            • Posted by  $  2 weeks, 6 days ago
              Nurture, was not necessarily about children, it is also about, say...nursing, HR, Social work, Secretary, Teaching, Doctors, Biology...etc, etc.

              Ever since the mere suggestion of "choosing" one's gender was discussed in school, we now have a whole bunch of kids confused, boys wearing dresses and makeup; whereas, before that, real gender dysphoria was only in the .3% of the population.
              That is the doom filled discussion we are having.

              No matter the culture or choice the male and female population will follow their biology unless pressured to do differently...has nothing to do with past cultural thinking. We have come a long way to learn that biology matters.

              I do appreciate your input.
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              • Posted by  $  jlc 2 weeks, 6 days ago
                And I, your insights and rational arguments.

                I do medieval reenactment as a hobby. In this venue, male pipe-layers, accountants, programmers, and FBI agents all wear tights and dresses and hug each other - because this is what our European ancestors wore and did. Most of the time these heterosexual macho men do not wear makeup...but I have seen it happen. You don't want to meet these guys in a dark alley, because they are tough. And they have wives and families and go to work and raise their children etc.

                Are you aware that the Special Forces of the ancient world, the Sacred Band of Thebes, were all primary homosexuals? (They had wives they visited a couple of times per year to beget the next generation of warriors.) This is within the parameters of the culture of our ancestors. The Sacred Band was defeated by Alexander...who was bisexual, but primarily homosexual. Do we need to talk about Julius Caesar, who was, "Every woman's husband; every man's wife."?

                The microcosm of our recent past far from defines normal human behavior. And - as I mentioned before - an increasing number of men and women are voluntarily not following that recent tradition. This is probably because our old-age social security does not any longer lie in having a ton of children in hope that one of the ones who survives will actually take care of you when you are old and toothless. Dental work and retirement plans are a better bet!

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                • Posted by  $  2 weeks, 6 days ago
                  Laughing, I fit that last description...

                  The Jesuits/Templar Nights were homo's as were the Spartan Armies, infact the Spartan armies were pedophiles by our definition. Young boys were inducted into the army and paired with older men, and yes they had wives. The perverted rational was that with a close homosexual bond between boy and man they would fight till death to defend each other.

                  I note in my research on Consciousness/conscience, via Julian Jaynes's work that homosexuality/bisexuality/bestiality was prevalent with the Nephilim and similar races and I can't help wonder if that was where all these perversions came from originally.

                  I guess my point is that mankind can be and should be better than that. It really makes no sense and is physiologically/psychologically harmful. It should not be encouraged but at the same time we should not be dragging them behind our Ford F150s by the bumper hitches either.

                  Another interesting point: It may be that the role of man/women/child has an unfathomable beneficial/consequential effect upon the quantum field and it's relationship to existence itself. This is far reaching work that only a few quantum physicist elude to but rarely speak of because it is just an insight right now and we might never find out for sure.
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                  • Posted by  $  jlc 2 weeks, 6 days ago
                    This clarifies a lot: You are aware of the historical antecedents of bisexuality in many of our ancestral societies. I do not consider homo/bi/trans-sexuality to be a perversion. I do not think that they are in the slightest bit harmful and hence I regard those options as an expression of free will which, as an individualist, I support. It is of great benefit to the individual to have these choices available.

                    I assume your reference to the Nephilim is a religious one - I recall having looked them up as a result of a posting of yours some years ago. I do not think they exist, except as a metaphor for intermarriage between various human populations.

                    Thus, instead of Celine's fashions outraging me, my reaction is - Fine. Who cares?

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                    • Posted by  $  2 weeks, 5 days ago
                      The nephilim and similar races did exist, The Smithsonian used to have a ton of 10' plus skeletons until Darwinism became prevalent. Tons of stories of American Indians dealing with these giants.

                      They are mention in the OT and referred to in the NT but the books of Enoch has the whole story and was never included in the history of the OT. Many skeletons discovered all around the world but the lamestream doesn't report on them...it's silly, it's part of history.

                      In recent digs in Israel/Canaan, they found neanderthal skeletons buried with humans so given all the documentation, Neanderthals and Nephilim reemerged after the floods some 10/13 thousand years ago and it is suggested that they were in the Greek and Roman armies, (don't know about that though).

                      It's a fascinating subject but because it doesn't fit the desired lamstream narrative we are left to our own to discover these things.
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