Michigan Brothers Heavily Fined For Removing Trees On Their Own Property

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What these brothers neglected to do was pay ($?) for a permit at the Canton Township of Michigan because they believed they have a farming exemption for growing and harvesting Christmas trees on private property that they cleared.
The fine was in excess of $700,0-00. The linked article says it looks like the brothers are going to fight this government overreach in court as me dino thinks they should.
Maybe this is why the Canton Township must have said, "Hey whoa wid that! How about, instead of paying $700,000 plus, you boys instead pay a fine of ONLY $450,000? That way wid it split twixt you, each of ya ONLY has ta pay $225,000. See? Now can ya boys beat dat way better deal wid a stick?"
A video comes with the article. The video shows an aerial photo of the brothers' property and where trees were cut to clear private land.
Makes me dino wonder if periodic flights are made to check on what property owners are up to. After all, there is revenue to collect.
SOURCE URL: https://www.foxnews.com/great-outdoors/michigan-brothers-face-450000-in-fines-for-tree-removal-on-their-property

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