The State Science Institute solicits your ideas

Posted by $ jbrenner 1 year, 5 months ago to Science
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The State Science Institute may be soliciting my ideas, but I won't give them away.

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  • Posted by Storo 1 year, 4 months ago
    BIG Ideas? Are you kidding?
    I want no more Big Ideas. I want rational ideas. Sane ideas. Good, reasonable ideas.
    Just what have BIG IDEAS wrought us today?
    Stockpiles of nuclear weapons that can kill millions with the push of a couple of buttons.
    Computer technology that is Big Brother in everything but name. Social media that gives every idiot a platform to deride and vilify anyone and everyone regardless of their own stupidity.
    Genetic Engineering that is rapidly modifying us and the food we eat, and is only a small accidental escape from the laboratory from devastating all humanity.
    Artificial Intelligence that by the admission of some of our greatest scientists is the gravest threat to humanity ever conjured by man.
    No, I don’t want any more Big Ideas. I want someone to figure out how to build the social and political will to do something about controlling and limiting the world’s population time bomb. All of the world’s major problems - over crowding, scarce resources, energy resources that are being rapidly depleted, food shortages, starvation in the third world, lack of water resources, political unrest worldwide, military build-ups to defend “national interests”, Hell, even global warming if you want to include that (I’m a skeptic)- all of these things and more are the direct or indirect result of over population.
    To paraphrase King Edward The Longshanks, the only thing wrong with the world is that it’s full of people.
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