Top 3% of U.S. Taxpayers Paid Majority of Income Taxes in 2016

Posted by  $  Your_Name_Goes_Here 11 months ago to Government
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The rich don't pay their "fair share"? To channel Bill Clinton, I suppose it depends on the definition of "fair share".

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  • Posted by DrZarkov99 11 months ago
    Two thoughts popped into my head when I read the article: first, the looters have now become half of our society, so how soon before they exceed that and become the majority, able to steal as much as they want? Second, the word "inequality" is now the new Democrat standard, which plays on wealth jealousy, and it's working. The idea that it's obscene for someone to have "too much" money, regardless of how much energy and ingenuity was involved is becoming the mantra for the Socialist side of the party. Bernie Sanders believes there should be a 100% tax on any income over one million dollars, and he damn near won the party's nomination. Maybe we should be thanking Hitlery for screwing him out of it?
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  • Posted by rainman0720 11 months ago
    I agree completely with your supposition about the definition of "fair share".

    If I ever get elected, it will be illegal to use that phrase without clearly stating the exact parameters that define the term.

    And to avoid going to jail, the person using the term "fair share" would also need to define exactly how it's fair to both parties.

    Money is stolen from me and given as an unearned benefit to someone else; unless the person throwing the term around can clearly and explicitly tell me how it's fair to me as well as the recipient, it means more jail time.
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  • Posted by mshupe 11 months ago
    Yet the social justice warriors continue with their absurdity about fair share, straight out of AS of course. The media will let them get away with it because they both count on the gullibility of their indoctrinated masses.
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  • Posted by  $  allosaur 11 months ago
    Hey, Bernie! Help spread the wealth around. That top 3% is being big time hammered and it just ain't fair.
    Yeah, widen the playing field for those filthy rich. They are the top job providers.
    You do know that, don't you? But of course you do!
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  • Posted by term2 11 months ago
    The government has expropriated money from pretty much everyone, in amounts equal to what they can get away with. Everything is taxed now, not just income. Once you pay the federal income tax, then you can pay the sales taxes, property taxes, excise taxes, and state taxes. Now we will be paying expanded sales taxes on internet purchases.
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  • Posted by DeanStriker 10 months, 1 week ago
    Bloomberg is among the many who provide what we call "false news". Hard to believe that article isn't part of that, but somehow it seems twisted.

    But yes, those who make the big money suffer with higher tax rates. That's "progressive" in what it's called.

    Unless we get ride of this Government, it will keep getting worse into a huge economic collapse. We just can't know how much longer it will be before it hits us.
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