(1) Information & Free Will (2) North Korea (3) Heaven

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In this episode of Functional Philosophy, I answer the following questions:

00:39 - "Assuming that consciousness and free will are merely the consequence of some arrangement of information / information processing.

Assuming we have figured out how to replicate this digitally. And we have created sentient software running in a digital universe.

We clone (copy/paste) this sentient software and its universe and run simultaneously. When we observe the outcome in these two universes at T=X, should we expect to see that the digital entity has made exactly the same choices and ended up in exactly the same place? If so, doesn't this prove free will is deterministic? It would in essence prove that given a certain set of inputs this will always be the output."

10:16 - "What are your thoughts on North Korea and what should be done?"

16:20 - "[Someone] was trying to communicate to me that I should feel better about living in [a] heaven like state because all of the pain and fears associated with the human body would be eliminated. Is [this a] disconnect between the mind and body?"
SOURCE URL: https://youtu.be/Qkptr7pzkNY

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