China rules against Micron in patent dispute. Could have seen that one coming

Posted by  $  blarman 1 year, 1 month ago to Government
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This is bound to factor into Trump's decision to put the screws to China, as this ruling is completely bogus. I know some of the guys on the NAND teams and Micron is the premier leader in NAND development. To allege that they are infringing on other people's work is political chicanery of the highest order.

In the bigger picture, however, China's continued theft of IP - especially related to electronics and patents - is a major source of the current trade dispute. I think China ought to be held accountable for all the outright theft they've engaged in for 40+ years and I fully support the tariffs being levied against them. What's more, China would be stupid to press this much further as their economy is A) hugely dependent on the US and b) overheated due to central planning. They're this close to a major meltdown.

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