6/28/2018 -- Earthquakes + Volcanic eruptions spreading -- Pressure on the rise across plates

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So, for anyone who does not believe the government is engaged in large scale weather modification, look at this video at 1:01 and you will see on the GOES weather satellite the huge area they were doing on the eastern side of The Peoples Republic of Kalifornia. I have seen various claims about what they use, dutchsinse says they are using silver iodide, others have claimed powdered aluminum (which is also said to be a toxic metal in humans, causing cognitive issues, so maybe that is correct for the PROK). But for a state that is so "environmentally sensitive" I find it hard to believe they would let the government dump a boatload of whatever in the air. It also looks like a lot of planes were needed.
SOURCE URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nc4yVnM1q8U

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