Outsourcing Morality, by Robert Gore

Posted by straightlinelogic 7 months, 3 weeks ago to Politics
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Remember when you had to do something virtuous to signal your virtue? Some of the virtuous way back when did virtuous acts and didn’t even tell anyone else about them. If you go into older museums and other civic monuments and look at donors’ names on plaques, you’ll find anonymous donors. They didn’t get a wing named after them, there were no press releases, they just gave to a good cause and that was its own reward. If they were alive today, they wouldn’t have Twitter feeds. Private virtue and public anonymity—incomprehensible!

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  • Posted by  $  Olduglycarl 7 months, 3 weeks ago
    "There’s an intergenerational understanding rooted in biology: parents take care of children when they’re young; children take of parents when they’re old."
    This is what is partially meant by: Honor thy mother and father...there are few cases where this would understandably not apply.

    The left's and post modernism's infection upon the culture has managed to do away with such principles of decency, obligation and appreciation...now, just write a check or rely upon the government to do it allows one to take the credit.

    It's ALL FAKE, bound by made up nonsense.

    Clear signs of Psychopathy by creatures with made up identities, made up, imitation consciences, living in a made up alternative dimension.

    By the way Robert, +1...spot on again!
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