Women Not Having Babies Because Of Trump

Posted by  $  allosaur 1 year, 6 months ago to News
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FLASH! It's true! It's true! May sterility rule!
Hi, this is Dr. Allosaurus Esquire linking you to this The Washington Ghost Of A Post report.
The report reports that these days women~oops, strike that. There's "men" in that filthy word~these days Americans who demonstrate with pink vagina hats are happy as harpies not to birth kids as long as that Dump Trump chump is in office, Only his righteous impeachment and ejection shall offset the current soaring sales of the condom industry.
Hell's bells, The Golden Donald would be a great brand name for a spermicide.
Think the Trumpeted historically low unemployment rates for all sexes and races are such a big thing?
The article in the link reveals that the National Center for Health Statistics, a service hopefully still run by um,um,um Barack Hussein Obama held over Dems, shows we now have the lowest number of babies in three decades.
MORE PROOF! Also in the article, a The Washington Ghost columnist talked to a marriage and family therapist who told her she talked to a marriage and family therapist in Kalifornia who said a "potential client" cancelled her spot in a how to be a mommy class rigtht after the election.
So there! SO THERE!
So do you women~cough! cough! harrumph!~I mean, dames and dudettes really want to give birth while Bad Hair Day is not the president you want in the Oval Office?
Of course you don't! This is why you must work with the media to impeach the usurper of Cackle Clinton's entitled throne.
Refuse to make babies until the Jackass Party rises to bray yet again!
Hope y'all got yourselves all panties in a wad inspired by my unbiased opening monologue.
This is Dr. Allosaurus Esquire signing off.
SOURCE URL: https://www.newsbusters.org/blogs/culture/katie-yoder/2018/06/05/therapist-tells-washpost-women-arent-having-kids-because-trump?mkt_tok=eyJpIjoiTjJKak1EVXlZbUkzTURZeiIsInQiOiJOZ0twcXdLNHUwQm51RVVXazhQYkZqdU96dXZVZXNHOXhxVnJQVEg1R0tSQWJmSXhKUXVwczNlSkxMaWtzMDFmK21DYVJFR0NrOEhkR3RHcEhVc01pZzlNdFBleEpqRlNFS3krdUgrK3BDejR0NjRIRUk2SlR1Y2xFWXdkU1NCWiJ9

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  • Posted by  $  exceller 1 year, 6 months ago
    Women not having babies because of Trump should not have babies, period.

    The reason probably is they can't name them Barack.
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    • Posted by Abaco 1 year, 6 months ago
      Well said.

      Here in California, parental rights are under severe attack. When I tell people the laws that Brown has signed attacking parental rights over the past 5 years their jaws drop. This is one reason why people aren't having kids. Another reason is...honestly...many of these women can't find a decent guy. After decades of the government trying to take the role of daddy, good guys are pretty rare. Many women just settle on "a guy".
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