Will the IG report expose a Treasonous MSM?

Posted by  $  Dobrien 12 months ago to News
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Buckle up your seat belts TSHTF.
90% negative reporting vs Trump .
These people are total fools.

An interesting sidelight is the degree to which Watergate itself inspired the present level of reportorial corruption by launching "leaks" (i. e. Deep Throat and company) as the royal road to journalistic success, Pulitzer prizes, and Hollywood fame. In a sense, that would put journalism today in its Robespierre period, going further and further out onto a limb for a story until the limb falls off.

Whether Barack Obama himself will be looped definitively into the IG's report, we don't know at this time. But we all know where the fish rots from and we also know that Obama, despite his denials, knew well that Hilary was using an illegal server. He wrote her there himself under an assumed name, showing he was only slightly more computer savvy than John Podesta.

These next few weeks are going to be among the most interesting in our lifetimes -- especially for our friends in the press. We know from the NYT earlier this week they are preparing their excuses. Let's hope they don't have enough.
SOURCE URL: https://pjmedia.com/rogerlsimon/the-inspector-generals-report-will-expose-the-msm-as-treasonous/

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  • Posted by  $  exceller 12 months ago
    Yes. I am afraid but for people to boycott government and media transgressions they need to get into an unbearably controlled situation not unlike we read in "Dominatus", or if you want life examples the control of the Hungarians by Russian communism that led to the blow up of 1956 or the same in Poland in 1968.

    I often said that Americans will never do that b/c they don't know what it means to live in a totalitarian system. The situation is gradually creeping in that directions but it is still very far from how people lived under communism.

    Obama contributed a big push and in another 8 years would probably have reached that goal.
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  • Posted by freedomforall 12 months ago
    It is evident that corrupt government actions of this type have been epidemic since the latter years of the Reagan administration. The rot has spread far and wide in the federal government, proven by obvious outbreaks at Ruby Ridge and Waco where innocent civilians were murdered by the FBI and no one was punished. Janet Reno famously took "full responsibility" and skated on to a comfortable retirement in Florida.
    For 30 years the press has been exposing things done and not done by Republicans, and shamelessly covering up anything illegal and/or unethical done by Democrats.
    I have been boycotting their swill for 25 years. Its about time the rest of the American public this figured out and refused any more government propaganda served up by an unethical, biased press.
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