An Objective Analysis of the QAnon Phenomenon

Posted by freedomforall 1 year ago to Politics
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Another opinion on QAnon. Somewhat supportive, but in the end saying the truth is still occluded.

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  • Posted by  $  Dobrien 1 year ago
    Believe what ever you want but Watching Q posts and seeing the events unfold is very convincing. North Korea Problem was fixed a few mos ago.
    As I looked for videos on you tube of Q proof that I have watched previously I find most are no longer available. No real surprise as the censorship goons for Google are 2000 hired Southern Poverty Law Center Commies

    This was a proof I witnessed among others.

    Others that I have seen include the POTUS holding notes to the camera that affirm previous Q drops.https://

    I have witnessed
    during speeches Potus will sweep a circle and put the Q line to end the motion.

    The bottom line is the information Q gives is like a scavenger hunt and he will often nod to the "Autist or Anon" that has figured it out.

    Example he talks about The Red Cross and the access it has to entering and leaving countries with no customs hassles it ability to smuggle
    then a video reveals RED Cross totes filled with $100 dollar bills. I will find and attach.
    Red Cross Iran.
    Red Cross Pakistan.
    Red Cross NK.
    Red Cross ……..
    Define smuggle.
    What is smuggled?
    What funds are used to pay for the goods?
    These people are sick.
    Relevant to events about to unfold.
    Follow the EOs.

    An Autist reveals this video
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    • Posted by Abaco 1 year ago
      Yeah. I spoke with a certain federal worker a few years back about how things like videos and even websites disappearing from the internet. Very enlightening...
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