Video: College is great! I’m studying black critical theory, marxism and postmodernism!

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Stefan Molyneux has a conversation with a third year college student.

Question: “Is the postmodern university beyond redemption? From a philosophical point of view this question is a cracker, because I (feel I) can argue both ‘yes’ and ’no’ compellingly, from an appraisal of the wider situation and my own experience. As mentioned in the question-cum-ramble of my first message, I’ve taken so much from the course—personally and career-wise—that I don’t want to dismiss the institution out of hand. That said, I look around the university at the more ‘SJW’ types, and across the pond at the more extreme American and Canadian situations, and wonder whether I’m an outlier whose subjective experience shouldn’t distort his objective appraisal of the situation.”

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