Remote Mind Control

Posted by Dobrien 5 years, 10 months ago to Government
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The US government has been secretly collecting documents on 'remote mind control' and 'forced memory blanking', accidentally leaked files suggest. In what sounds like a plot from the X-files, they revealed research into bizarre 'psycho-electronic' weaponry

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  • Posted by $ Stormi 5 years, 10 months ago
    I love the X Files! I also have been into this subject for years, feeling there is something to it. Tesla certainly had plans for HAARP to evolve in that direction, and the waves were actually pointed toward Columbine and a coupel other school shootings at the time. We must remember that the CIA has been into brainwashing for years, first hypnosis, then drugs, then electronic waves. Why would one expect they would have stopped. Remember MK Ultra? How many prominent murders took place with the killers having no memory of the event? Now with the use of psychotropic drugs and electronic waves combined, why would they not continue? How many school shooters were on psychotropic drugs, the gateway to influence from the other methods? Why was the FBI online with Columbine shooters in days leading up to event? What happened when the FfBI showed up before the Sandy Hook event to "recruit" the shooter? Have we not been told that Phone towers can broadcast frequencies if needed to lull a crown into compliance, saying it is easier to control a crowd than a single person. The Colo. theater shooter was in a CIA brainwashing experiment the summer before the event. What suggestions might they send via the Internet, microwaves, or HAARP - still very much in Alaska and also Puerto Rico. Think the Russians are not also into this science?
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  • Posted by chad 5 years, 10 months ago
    I would put this in the camp of what I term 'The Boogey Man Conspiracy' where everything is a method to take over the world and almost everyone but you is involved.
    I don't doubt if someone thinks for a moment that it can be done the government will be looking into it spending millions of taxpayer dollars to discover something that would be dismissed outright by almost any credible thinking being. In the 1960's they were experimenting with LSD and numerous other drugs during the Viet Nam War to find if they could get more effective soldiers without fear who would do what ever they were told and thereby conquer the enemy. Unfortunately the opposite occurred when those who have no fear do not protect their lives they become easy targets for the 'enemy',whoever that might be, and die wholesale accomplishing less than nothing in that your resources (people) are now depleted.
    Is it possible using mind mapping to find out where the thoughts are occurring to then use magnetic fields to influence a mind? Possibly. With a strong enough electromagnetic force you can make people feel ill. Could they be controlled and told exactly what to do? Not likely.
    Still the cheapest and most reliable mind control is to teach children lies in schools and as Jefferson once said once the government controls the schools they will raise socialists who will demand their freedom be taken by requesting the government care for them. The government will tell them who their enemies are and who they should kill and the citizens will go nobly forth and do as they are told. Add religion to the mix and you now have two 'authorities' telling people what to do if they don't believe both they will probably still believe one and become enslaved.
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  • Posted by wiggys 5 years, 10 months ago
    how is it [possible that an organization such as the US government that does NOT have a mind have an ability to commence mind control?
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