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Posted by  $  nickursis 11 months, 2 weeks ago to Technology
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Ok, so I just redf an article on an app for I Phone called Sky Guide, and it was a rave review with really cool features, where you use the pphone to view and it tells you everything about the sky and whats up there. So, I went to look at Android and bleah, there is one but it is apparently not the same, or made by the same people. But it did bring up something interesting, as there seems to ba lot of apps, some free, that will do sort of the same thing, and identify what stars and constellations you can see. Of course, there are also the old round star maps and rotatable sky charts and stuff,but I thought the phone thing looks intersting, and is one use I never thought of, it even has an survival component as it will let you know where directions are at night if needed to escape the zombies....Anyone use one?

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