Rand Paul Single-Handly Tries Massive Spending Plan - $1 trillon Deficit

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Paul Winfree at the Heritage Foundation says "it's getting comical" :https://twitter.com/paulwinfree/statu...
That's one way to put it. I guess it depends on in which stage of life you're reading Don Quixote.

I remember just two years ago when Republicans rightly said President Obama's $400 billion deficit was horrible. I said if Republicans controlled the government it would be worse. Boy was than an understatement! The economy kept growing, stock market increased, there were no problems, yet we're more than DOUBLING the deficit. Non-defense discretionary spending will be several times what President Obama proposed and way more than what Secretary Clinton proposed.

Just imagine what happens if there's a recession or emergency on top of this structural deficit. It could cause a monetary crisis that leads cryptocurrencies taking the place of central banks forever. That would be a good development. It could also be more like inflation in the Weimar Republic.

I keep thinking if it weren't for a fluke in the Electoral math, Clinton would be president, and we'd have them fighting to reduce the $400 billion deficit to $300 billion or lower. It would be just like the Super-Committee in 2011, the fiscal cliff; does anyone remember? Maybe it would have been like when the firebrand conservatives with the help of a tech-driven economy and a president named Clinton BALANCED the BUDGET in the late 90s.

I will avoid following it unless the federal gov't appoints me to an advisory board or something. They're mis-managing things. I need to manage my own businesses to be robust against the series of mini-crises they're laying the groundwork for.
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