Deliberately driving up electricity costs to impose "consciousness raising"

Posted by ewv 6 years, 4 months ago to Politics
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As Ayn Rand once put it, the only kinds of energy production viros support are not practical on a mass scale. But their anti-industrial revolution against civilization is not (yet) persuasive to people seeing their electricity bills going up, so the viros sell their punitive restrictions in the name of "efficiency" and "investment", which they know is appealing to most people. They have followed this strategy for decades in imposing state and local laws incrementally mandating that some growing fraction of energy consumption come from less reliable and more costly "renewable" sources.

This article shows how some conservatives sympathetic to the viro anti-energy-production campaign are selling the costly mandates in the name of efficiency and cost saving packaged with conservative slogans: http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/loo...

The article shows how the scam works and who is doing it. It calls it "left-leaning" posing as "conservative" in Ohio, where major energy legislation is active. But the trend is much broader. In more liberal regions the pitch is more openly connected with the Obama international Kyoto scam and all the rhetoric that goes with it. Activists shout the usual save the planet from humans slogans but still try to hide the costs they are imposing as they make vague promises of "efficiency" and "long term savings" they know will appeal to their marks. It's aimed at everyone.

Sometimes the mask slips more. They can't help themselves from going off script and boast that by imposing higher costs they are forcing people to think about the agenda every time they pay a bill. They admit that their costly restrictions are far too small in effect to influence the climate, let alone save the planet, and admit that they are imposing the restrictions as a means of forced "consciousness-raising" to make people to think about their ideology, always accompanied by promotion of phony guilt to prevent a backlash and resentment, along with the contradictory promises of savings and efficiency to keep the trap closed.

Watch for it in your state and neighborhood. There is no "safe space" protected from viro ideology, but an active mind cannot be forced.

SOURCE URL: http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/look-out-for-this-left-leaning-environmental-group-posing-as-conservatives/article/2646366

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