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Posted by $ blarman 2 years ago to Business
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"Ron Nirenberg, mayor of San Antonio, Texas, and Bexar County Judge Nelson W. Wolff wrote an Oct. 11 letter to Bezos chiding him for creating a bidding war."

Why not? Why shouldn't government be party to the same market forces that affect where businesses locate? Have government officials learned nothing from the offshoring of moneys and the offshore incorporation of companies like Apple in order to take advantage of the most beneficial tax treatment they can find?

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  • Posted by $ CBJ 2 years ago
    Any company is certainly entitled to create a "bidding war" for tax breaks. However, local governments are not morally entitled to "play favorites" when it comes to taxation of businesses. They have no moral right to tax existing businesses at a higher rate than the new businesses they are trying to attract. The blame for any "bidding war" lies 100% with the governments that choose to participate in one.
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