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  • Posted by Mitch 9 months, 1 week ago
    It’s odd that right before you made this post I was speaking to family members about this. Great video on the subject.

    The experiment results are bizarre and throws out all the previous science that we know, yet hardly no one is attempting to understand these correlations. I guess that if they can’t explain it, then it shouldn’t be explained? I would place all theories on hold until this is answered. Kind of like saying “ya, but” as an argument.

    If I was going to try to explain these results, it would have to envelope a quantum property of our own minds that interact with the quantum states of the photons in the experiment, but this is a childish attempt at a topic I’m not even familiar with.
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  • Posted by  $  Olduglycarl 9 months, 2 weeks ago
    Now they need to work from the quantum to the mind to the brain. If it works from the brain/mind to the should work in the other direction as well...proving the exchange of information.

    For years, I tried to track down Einstein's experiments with conscious thought of an object and it's observed change in frequency identity. That experiment was repeated by many but I couldn't find references to it. I did manage to find a poorly made news real of Einstein speaking on the subject to the Academy of Science in Europe but you can't make out what he is talking about.

    I often get the question of how this relates to the "Law of Attraction" or the Secret...fact is, it really doesn't because they are talking about creating realities that do not exist or manifestations.

    We don't "Create" reality, We participate in it, or interact with it. [that interaction, that participation...may be a stabilizing or destabilizing factor to consider in future experiments]
    One could predict or be drawn to something of interest that already exists or of probabilities that it may exist...but you can't create anything out of thin air. The closest we come to that is our participation in child birth or in physically planting a seed...the extra matter of which is created from the quantum level on up to what we call: Physical/solid living matter.
    You can understand here that our participation is minimal/but important, at best.
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