How ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas’ Symbolizes the Triumph of Common Sense

Posted by  $  Olduglycarl 12 months ago to History
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I didn't know that they all thought it was going to fail, including Schulz himself.
Just goes to show you that many, if not at all times, the original value creator knows better than the lamestream decision makers, the advertising gooroo's and so called pro's.

Much could be said of AR, and the characters she wrote about, in this respect also.

Stick to your guns when you have that "instant knowing" connection to your work.
SOURCE URL: http://www.intellectualtakeout.org/article/how-charlie-brown-christmas-symbolizes-triumph-common-sense

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  • Posted by  $  Dobrien 12 months ago
    Schultz grew up in St.Paul and attended Central high school the very same field that I won the 9 yr old punt pass and kick competition on my way to Metropolitan stadium and ultimately losing to A guy named John Elway( national champion).
    St Paul honored Schultz with statues purchased
    By businesses and painted by local artists.https://www.google.com/search?q=st+paul+snoop...

    I particularly liked this it highlights the great disconnect between the ordinary, average American and those in life who pull the strings.
    We all know this yet we still accept the beltway's
    Central authority and keep electing the same enslavers.
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    • Posted by  $  12 months ago
      How cool is that, to live with that history in your own back yard.

      Yes, it boggles the mind because, for the most part, many of us are the elite on the street voting for the Great Unwashed to rule over us...seems we never got over our days in Babylon.

      I wish I could convey just how far and wide that statement applies to our history and theirs...If only each of us knew, all we have to do is stand our ground and vote our conscience...if only we could hear it above the noise of the day...
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      • Posted by  $  Dobrien 12 months ago
        With the stone walls of New England literally in your back yard and no plausible reason for the thousands of miles of them perhaps you could be the one to unmask that mystery.

        Well it is nice to know the history of your area , interesting side note was John Dillinger had a "safe house" just down Lexington ave from Central High. St Paul cops were on the corrupt side and took some cash off his hands to let him cool down so to speak.
        Now Central is the school that is most likely to have BLM signs through out the hallways.
        Also a school that a teacher was put into a coma
        After being cold cocked by a young thug oops I mean disadvantaged minority student.http://www.twincities.com/2017/05/25/ekblad-...
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        • Posted by  $  12 months ago
          I have found out something about the stone walls in my area lately...seems some early farmers actually did add to the existing walls...continuing the practice but it's really easy to see the difference...as you might expect from our past conversations on the subject: the difference is the placement of the quartz rocks.
          Interesting to note: there are many rocks that in their color-(weathering and corrosion) actually hide the quartz contents within them...once you realize that and inspect the walls, chipping at a few rocks, you find a concentration of quartz every 15 feet on average dependably. You do not find that to be the case in the additions to the walls.
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          • Posted by  $  Dobrien 12 months ago
            Of course the walls were turned into the current habitants use that goes on with all ancient megaliths from the Romans in Baalbek to the Inca's in South America to the Mayans in Central America .
            See ; your observation of pattern with Quartz that's just what I am talking about.

            Quartz Electrical conductivity
            Electrical conductivity of α quartz is ionic, the current being carried by alkali ions (M+) moving in channels parallel to the c axis. A study was made of conductivity σ of one natural and three synthetic crystals in order to better understand these ionic defects. ac measurements were made over a wide range of frequencies, and complex‐impedance analysis was used to separate out the bulk conductivity from electrode effects. The activation energy E for the synthetic crystals was always close to 1.36 eV and the pre‐exponential A was in the range of 106 K/Ω cm. A decrease in σ resulted from electrodiffusion (sweeping) in hydrogen. For the as‐received natural crystal, the value of E was 0.82 eV, but this E value increased appreciably after hydrogen sweeping or after irradiation plus high‐temperature anneal. The principal observations could not be interpreted in terms of the conventional theory in which the Al3+‐M+ pair and its dissociation products are the only defects involved. A modified theory, in which additional unassociated Al is present as compensation either for H+ or for oxygen vacancies, allows a detailed interpretation of the results. Supporting data are also obtained from infrared measurements.

            Lot of work with over a dozen papers referenced.

            Carl the more interesting aspect is the piezoelectric properties. Particularly the inverse piezoelectric effect on sound. As we have discussed sound or frequency is fundamental in our world as well as the universe and many ancient civilizations interests.

            The piezoelectric effect is understood as the linear electromechanical interaction between the mechanical and the electrical state in crystalline materials with no inversion symmetry.[5] The piezoelectric effect is a reversible process in that materials exhibiting the direct piezoelectric effect (the internal generation of electrical charge resulting from an applied mechanical force) also exhibit the reverse piezoelectric effect (the internal generation of a mechanical strain resulting from an applied electrical field). For example, lead zirconate titanate crystals will generate measurable piezoelectricity when their static structure is deformed by about 0.1% of the original dimension. Conversely, those same crystals will change about 0.1% of their static dimension when an external electric field is applied to the material. The inverse piezoelectric effect is used in the production of ultrasonic sound waves.[6]
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            • Posted by  $  12 months ago
              Interesting relationship with hydrogen. It's been hypothesized that the pyramids could of possibly produced hydrogen and they did have a sheathing of quartz around the granite.

              Thanks, I've been wondering if I could detect a charge. Don't know if my simple meter will suffice but it's worth a try.
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              • Posted by  $  Dobrien 12 months ago
                In Teotihucan1906, a worker digging at the site made one of the most important and mysterious discoveries that would forever change how we looked at Teotihuacan. On the fifth deck of the Pyramid of the Sun, a worker discovered a thick layer of laminated mica covering a huge area. It was an odd place for the material to be found.

                At that time, in 1906, mica was invaluable in the market. It was used for the construction of capacitors and was considered an incredibly well-appreciated electrical and thermal insulator which had a melting point over 1,100 degrees Celsius. For some obscure reason, the architects of Teotihuacan placed it there in the second century BC, at the time of the greatest expansion of their civilization. The question was why?

                Most of the Mica found in 1906 at Teotihuacan was sold at a great price in the market. But not all of the Mica disappeared from Teotihuacan. Today, there are still a few places where you can find Mica in Teotihuacan. For some mysterious reason, the unknown builders of this great Ancient City managed to extract and transport Mica, and incorporate it into the buildings of Teotihuacan, what no one is able to answer is why? What was Mica used for thousands of years ago? Was it part of some lost ancient technology? If so… what type of technology was it?

                Carl this site once a population of 200,000 est was abandoned in 550ad if there is a cycle of 365 years start today and go backward the first stop is
                The Maunder Minimum next is wolf minimum then
                Another? And Then 550ad I call it the Quetzalcoatl Minimum.
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                • Posted by  $  12 months ago
                  Even if it was to combat atmospheric charging...they still couldn't effectively deal with the weather/climate changes and their food production.
                  That seems to be the case during Every GSM.
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    • Posted by  $  nickursis 12 months ago
      Although, Dob, most of the time it is because the great manipulators give you a choice between crap and piss,and even of you choose "none of the above", there are enough who say "my party" or "My guy" who will vote for them. The rules are such that even if only 10% of the voters showed up, they would still win. The system is rigged from the get go, by the dtring pullers, so you cannot help but give them what they want. When you have primaries that are driven by the parties, and you cannot vote unless you are in the party, they force you to either join or be ignored. So, in oregon, about 40% are ignored, as Independents get no primary vote, and are left to take what the other few give them.
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  • Posted by dansail 12 months ago
    Howard Roark, Dagney Taggart, Hank Reardon, Francisco D'Anconia and so many others stuck to their principles. While they realized their actions and motives were not popular, they remained steadfast to their vision. Charles Schulz's success is yet another extension of his very own vision and should be an inspiration to us all. I cannot speculate as to whether Schulz read Rand, but he persisted and succeeded. The Charlie Brown movies (all of them) are my seasonal favorites and my wife still accepts me for that. Merry Christmas to all.
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  • Posted by chad 12 months ago
    Part of staying the course with what you want to do is that you learn from mistakes you make along the way that then provides the avenue for you to increase the value of what you want to produce.
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  • Posted by jdg 12 months ago
    I can't help thinking that Objectivists would like Mel Brooks' Silent Movie better.

    "There are two esses in Christmas, and they're both dollar signs!"
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    • Posted by  $  12 months ago
      You speak of culture and the organization...both of which, get it wrong.
      But when observed...there isn't much these days that is right.

      That's probably why most of us are here.
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  • Posted by Abaco 12 months ago
    My brother and I grew up loving Shultz's work - from the cartoons, to the wonderful soundtracks by Vince. As corny as it may sound, I'm always moved by A Charlie Brown Christmas.

    You know, Shultz lived near hear later in his life - Santa Rosa area. I remember when he retired. It was big news. Then, the cartoon he last drew for the news papers was published soon afterward - the same day he passed away. This is how I remember the story...
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