Solar Storm Effect...power out in Atlanta

Posted by  $  Olduglycarl 1 year, 5 months ago to Technology
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It's the Sun a comment I often recite these days and with good reason.
Funny, all these smart "Scientist" and no one looks to what's in front of their own faces.

Interesting to note: Sunday morn at 5am, turned on the TV and went to get my coffee...turned around to find a black screen...panic struck, a cartoon bubble over my head appeared with my wife in a panty twist complaining yet again.
It's been less than a year since I had the light replaced in the damn couldn't be happening again...then, it struck me, Ben at suspicious observers predicted we'd feel the electromagnetism of the on coming coronal holes facing earth about this time...hmmm, I thought, then turned off the TV, waited a bit, then turned it back on...presto!, it wasn't the was concrap cable experiencing the electrical onslaught from the sun, silly.
Later that day, I heard about Atlanta Georgia and was sure the sun was the cause.

Ben, this morning, confirmed my suspicions in the morning report.

I have always observed that things electronic often act strange at times with no apparent reason...
Always look to the sun silly...then put your mind to reason before jumping into a concussion.

Just thought I'd pass this one on to you. It is something to consider when things, electronic, don't make sense.

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  • Posted by  $  jbrenner 1 year, 5 months ago
    Where is John Galt? If he could stop the trains in AS, he would stop air transportation today with a power outage. Please don't ding me for heresy. i am trying to be sarcastic, but sometimes that doesn't come through in text.
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    • Posted by  $  1 year, 5 months ago
      Yea...we need to invent a new way to animate written language to express our intent. Like varying the height of the type as if they were musical notes or something.
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