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Galt’s Gulch Dec 5, 2017 Since I’m communicating with Galt’s Gulch you may be interested in reading my episode ten which is Dagny’s crash landing into Atlantis and her month long stay as a scab as Galt’s cook and house keeper continuing into episode eleven; Her decision to return to the outside world. Each of my episodes opens with a cold open followed by an opening announcer. ANNOUNCER (VOICE OVER) Albert Ruddy Productions Presents ATLAS SHRUGGED Episode eleven , Back to the outside world this Episode begins on page 779 Because I was operating under the false assumption that A Albert Ruddy. Productions purchased the television rights to the novel you can see my opening announce is incorrect... I would a appreciate it If you could email the correct name of the production company responsible for the series. I can correct all fifteen episodes. I can email episodes ten and eleven as PDF Documents as an attachment to an email you sent me Dec4,2017 . Anxiously awaiting your response,. Walter miller

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