What is your Secretor Status? It, like blood type, determins the Best Foods for you.

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Those familiar with Eat Right 4 Your Blood Type might be interested in this video on Secretor Status

I have been on this diet for 25 years now and haven't had even a sniffle since. Prior to that, I caught everything...fortunately, I had a great immune system.
I also, am a non-secretor.

The important thing to remember about secretor status is that it can have a great impact on your success with the Blood Type Diet, even if you are already doing quite well. Secretors and non-secretors can have different food values; sometimes even for staple foods. You very well could be avoiding foods you are allowed to eat or be eating something that is harmful to you without even knowing it.

This body of work has been verified through the studies that mapped our genes. What genes are expressed has a lot to do with your blood type.
SOURCE URL: https://youtu.be/mmhDeasq89M

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