Global Warming: Do As I Say Not As I Do

Posted by rbroberg 3 years ago to Humor
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This small blurb says nothing we don't already know, but presents the facts as succinctly as any similar blurb. Here is my favorite excerpt:

"They [climate alarmists] were also less green in traveling to work than medics, and kept more dogs and cats. A recent study suggested pets are a hefty ecological burden. It takes more than two acres of grazing pasture to keep a medium-sized dog fed with meat, while the eco-footprint of a cat is similar to a Volkswagen Golf."

So next time someone criticizes your ride for having twice the fuel consumption of his sports wagon, just ask him how much warmer his apartment is with all the cat farts.
SOURCE URL: http://www.investors.com/politics/commentary/global-warming-hypocrites-their-carbon-footprint-is-ok-but-yours-must-be-eliminated/

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  • Posted by freedomforall 3 years ago
    Cat farts;^) You are a hoot, rbr!
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    • Posted by Lucky 3 years ago
      ffa. you may well laugh,
      about yesterday I came across a quote which I did not take seriously enough.
      It said the carbon footprint of a domestic cat is the same as that of a VW Golf.

      Now I can bash that intruding ginger cat from next door with a clear conscience.
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      • Posted by freedomforall 3 years ago
        Today I am suffering from allergic reaction to dog hair. Cats are even worse. While some may feel that the limitation it places on my ability to speak is a good thing, I am not feeling much affinity for pets today ;^)
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        • Posted by $ allosaur 3 years ago
          This morning me dino fed meat from a can to my perfect for Halloween cat, Monsieur Moocher, a songbird breast eating, chipmunk killing for fun stray who adopted me a couple of years ago.
          Moocher would not let me touch it for months. Now it wants me to pet it all the time. All the time ouside is where it can stay too.
          Moocher rarely farts in my presence; but when he does--WHOA!
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  • Posted by $ Suzanne43 3 years ago
    Guess that the Muslims are ahead of us on this one. They don't take kindly to pets, especially dogs. If the global warming nut cases want to get rid of pets, then I suggest that they go first. I think that they will have a hard time getting rid of Fido and putting up with their crying children.
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