A friend doing what he does best (Music)

Posted by  $  AJAshinoff 12 months ago to Entertainment
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I've known and been following Christopher Shayne (formerly Whiskey Six) for quite a while. They are enjoying quite a bit of success lately, touring around the country opening for bands like Lynyrd Skynyrd and Molly Hatchet. This happened a few days back in a Louisiana Airport, an impromptu acapella. I thought I would share it. Hope you enjoy.
SOURCE URL: https://youtu.be/VnDcMveoq1Y

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  • Posted by  $  Dobrien 12 months ago
    Thanks for sharing AJ.
    I loved the airline employee encouraging them to sing. One of life's great moments and we are able to revisit it . a nod to technology.
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  • Posted by Herb7734 12 months ago
    I'm not familiar with them. I'll have to look them up. Just imagine, a group that can sing harmony acapella without electronic fixes. Could it be that they actually have talent?
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    • Posted by  $  12 months ago
      Yeah, I've known Chris when he had no real following. When I introduced my son to music (he now teaches music professionally) we showed up to this small hole-in-the-wall place to see the band Whiskey Six (Chris's former band). As it turned out we were literally the only people there the band did not know.:) Since then we've seen them several time in many different clubs(my son is of age now) and they've always been friendly; even sending my son free DVDs, autographed pic, drum sticks, and a signed symbol one year. Chris even gave my son some solid advice about college and came to see my son play at an open mic.
      Now Chris has moved on the Christopher Shayne Band, switched to hard country western rock and things have really taken off for them. I couldn't be happier.
      Glad you enjoyed it.
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