Donald Trump moves to restore work requirement for welfare - Washington Times

Posted by  $  AJAshinoff 1 year, 8 months ago to Politics
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A reasonable start, but not a solution.

Welfare should be a one-time 4 year program provided by each state. Welfare at a state level should include bus/train fare, community college, apartment, food, daycare and medical. A 4 year hand-up and one-time only assist with no exceptions, which requires the successful completion of an associates degree in any vocation. At a state level, as a consequence of being the states financial responsibility, costs will be contained, services rendered less expensively, and the long term tax reward will be felt locally from another contributing tax payer.

While not my first choice for a solution (optimally full erasure of any type of welfare) I believe the hand-up approach would be best in the long term by restoring a persons worth, pride and confidence in ones self without a safety net.

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