The Deep State: How it Came to Be and Why it Fights so Hard

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Hadn't heard of this book but I am intrigued.

"We turn to Joost Meerloo in his seminal book The Rape of the Mind."

"… Governmental techniques are no different from any other psychological strategy; the deadening hold of regimentation can take mental possession of those dedicated to it, if they are not alert. And this is the intrinsic danger of the various agencies that mediate between the common man and his government. It is a tragic aspect of life that man has to place another fallible man between himself and the attainment of his highest ideals.”

[ Did you catch that?..."'if they are not alert'". That is exactly my point culminating from my observations. Seems, the unaware, those not alert, seem to find their way into government.]

[Maybe, there should be a psychological test they must pass!]

[My point demonstrated]: “Which human failings will manifest themselves most readily in the administrative machine? Lust for power, automatism, and mental rigidity -- all these breed suspicion and intrigue. Being a high civil servant subjects man to a dangerous temptation, simply because he is a part of the ruling apparatus. He finds himself caught in the strategy complex. The magic of becoming an executive and a strategist provokes long-repressed feelings of omnipotence. A strategist feels like a chess player. He wants to manipulate the world by remote control. Now he can keep others waiting, as he was forced to wait himself in his salad days, and thus he can feel himself superior. He can entrench himself behind his official regulations and responsibilities."

[These are Not Conscious Human Failings, they are non-conscious, automatic brain only, one of ego and mental instabilities. Such individuals indeed, would be tempted by their need to forget their flaws.]

Conscious Man would not fall for this crap but under the system as it is now, would not last very long and would be happier for it.
I know...I lived it for a short time in the Army. I was never tempted and stuck to my guns, did the right things, not the things others tried to get me to agree to. Needless to say, I wasn't very popular with them;...but I wasn't there to win a popularity contest.

How would You, an objectivist, fair in this situation...share your stories.

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