Noodle Pi - The Complete Raspberry Pi Handheld / Wearable Computer

Posted by  $  hash 7 months, 3 weeks ago
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Noodle Pi is the first modern open GNU/Linux handheld / wearable. It integrates a Raspberry Pi Zero, a hi-res touchscreen, camera, battery and power management, all within a slim unibody shell.

Unlike most handheld devices, which are closed and limited and designed to track you and snoop on you, Noodle Pi is a full open computer that you have complete control of. An "Unsnoopable" version provides unbeatable air-gapped security for sensitive notes, photos, passwords, private keys, crypto-currency cold storage, etc.

Two different keyboard docks, an NES game controller dock, a holster, and a wrist dock help make Noodle Pi the most versatile and practical wearable computer ever.

Noodle Pi raised 1280% of its goal on Kickstarter! Now available for pre-order at

Created by a long-time Objectivist and privacy hacker (and Kickstarter backer of ASP3, who also appears in various places in the movie :-).

"Civilization is the progress towards a society of privacy." ~ Ayn Rand

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