EXACTA's EBIS II Software - Everything is about relationships in business.

Posted by $ TrainzGuy 3 years, 7 months ago
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I am a Producer and a Gultch member, and I wanted to intro some great software to the community.

With 5 relationship management modules (called "managers") to corral the plethora of contacts, time requirements, jobs and tasks, applicant and HR documents, and overall business knowledge curation, and more than a dozen integrations with popular programs for accounting (QuickBooks Premier & Enterprise, AccountEdge, MS Dynamics and SAP) electronic document signing, electronic surveying, G suite and Google Maps, campaigning with MailChimp and Constant Contact, and so much more, EXACTA has brought to bear 40+ years of expertise developing software and re-engineering business processes for Fortune 500 companies to the small and mid-size business sectors, producing EBIS II.

The CRM has been described as "Sale-force on steroids," and the ARM has enabled SMB's to compete with large employers with 24x7 career website and real-time matching of applicant skills to job requirements. EBIS II can operate in the cloud or on a low cost, open (i.e. non-proprietary) server, capable of linking with virtually any database which is similarly "open" for business on the net.

If your company is looking to streamline business processes, reduce waste of time and money in operations, or better leverage relationships to increase sales, or if you're in the market for CRM, paperless time reporting-to-billing, better workforce acquisition tools, or just want to know what else is possible, I encourage you as 'companions in capitalism' to check out EXACTA's EBIS II. The EXACTA team won't sell EBIS II if we cannot improve top-line and bottom-line numbers!

Thank you!
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