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I get aggravated when I see media stories like these. They paint a picture of "It's all Trump" and yet they do not see their own place in the world. They blame Trump because he promsed a lot, and has failed to deliver, yet they listen to the media stories all slanted against him, and do not undertsand he cannot do anything without the corrupt Senate and House. Do they share their anger with their representatives or Senators? They have 2 uber liberasl senators with no record of doing anything constructive who have been there for eons, do they toss them out? No. They have a Dumbocrap for Representative. The Dumbocraps all vowed to NOT work with Trump. Yet they all pinned their hopes on him, so it is HIS fault they are addicted, unemployed and lost. Yet he did not kill off the logging industry, previous administrations and the Dumbocrap State did that, which percipitated the crisis. This is the kind of dark reporting, slanted media that is rampant in the country. It says there is no hope, your chosen one is of the dark side, and you are all doomed. As I recall Trump started out with his vision of making America Great Afgain, and it was a lot of hype and propaganda, but it appeared he was just trying to make people believe in themselves and take action for themselves, and business would follow. The government is so encroached at all levels, with no room for innovation and freedom, unless you are ery strong and do not give in to the story they want you to believe, and these people are all letting themselves be left out of working on their own fixes. It is just the way Ayn Rand described the areas that Dagney and Readon saw when they went looking for 20th Century, desolate, poor and totally lost.

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