Why Liberals Need David Duke

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Like the X smoker pointing fingers at those that still smoke, the left is throwing their own kind under the bus like calling out an X married lover for cheating.

This is Not your alt right...it's certainly not your alternative, like all racist, tyrants, fascist, communist, marxist and progressives...the KKK, Nazi's and white supremacist are forms of leftism, control and not an alternative but a mainstay of the left or democratic political party.

They need davey duke and others to bolster that forefinger that's pointing toward You. You, the consciously evolved value creator, the harbinger of their movement back to the days of Babylon are impeding their backward progress.
SOURCE URL: http://www.intellectualtakeout.org/article/why-liberals-need-david-duke?roi=echo3-45995739243-43752652-43e915a9810ceef455377d1543bb3423

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  • Posted by  $  10 months, 1 week ago
    "The alt-right is a mostly secular movement that frequently embraces leftist political views (especially on economics) and rejects traditional conservatism. As George Hawley, a University of Alabama professor who has studied the movement, toldThe Washington Post, “the modal alt-right person is a male, white millennial; probably has a college degree or is in college; is secular and perhaps atheist and [is] not interested in the conservative movement at all.” What puts the movement on the “right” is that it shares, along with conservatism, skepticism of forced egalitarianism. But that’s generally all it shares with mainstream conservatism."

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