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Posted by scojohnson 3 years, 7 months ago to Politics
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So, we had a phrase when I served during the Cold War and the Persian Gulf War, "If we ever faced a competent enemy, we would really be in trouble"... when referring to US government and military bureaucracy.

I never believed the Russia BS for a second, they are not that well-organized. It would be kind of hard to imagine a Russian 20-something pulling the mouth off the vodka bottle long enough to concentrate.

So.. was it some un-named Russian hackers? Or maybe the Pakistani national that was extorting $4 million from the head of the DNC and had her logins and passwords to all of her computers and her email accounts. Wow. No words.

Being currently and always involve in the military industrial complex.. you don't get a security clearance to US Capitol systems with dual citizenship or a foreign national status. She pulled strings for that one.

She needs to go to prison, every lunatic Dem with the Russia Russia Russia bullshit needs to go to prison for causing us all to expend energy to tune their non-sense out of our lives for 6 months, and they need to start digging deep for some apologies.

And then we need to FIRE every remaining employee of any 3-lettered agency that was hired by Obama or his regime.

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  • Posted by $ allosaur 3 years, 7 months ago
    This story is only found on Fox. Keeping the public focus on Russia, Russia, Russia is part of the reason the corrupt mainstream media has Debbie Medusa's back.
    Why divert attention that also makes some dummy Dems in the Jackass Party look bad?
    Me dino ran into this link last night. Instead of deleting it, I thought there may be a home here for it~
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