[Hillsdale college lecture] The difficult questions we Must answer before we tackle big government and it's bureaucracies

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Please listen to the lecture first: it is short and to the point.

This weeks constitutional lecture from Hillsdale college brought up some interesting points about our government...particularly the bureaucracies; ie, FDA, EPA etc...they are unconstitutional.
But!...could each state handle these things themselves? especially when they involve other or all the other states?
The biggest problem of all is that these agencies not only make the laws but enforce those laws as well...that too, is unconstitutional.
Maybe to make them more accountable to the public they serve, perhaps the congress should make those laws and the courts enforce them...would that solve the problem?

Had these agencies always acted in good faith, we might not be having this discussion but they haven't, they have gotten in bed big time with the entities they have written their laws for or against and they are terrible and horrific at enforcing the laws they make, the little guy seems to get the shortest end of that stick.

So how do we solve this problem? How do we justify their existence and how do we ensure that the worst and least qualified Do Not end up in these holes for rabbits?
SOURCE URL: https://online.hillsdale.edu/courses/constitution-2017/lesson-11/lesson-11?appeal_code=MK517EM5&_hsenc=p2ANqtz-9dCAlue_Jv3rNDrw_umbATHuMBA3OWfumi361o2KNoTuuobpILIsSX51e3D1ZncJxJq8znah7qm5o2J4UG-3HopVrihg&_hsmi=52556335

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