A brief history of Massive Russian collusion. [not what you'd expect].

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As Randians we are all aware, but consider this:
Russia and Russians themselves are no longer interested in Socialism/communism nor marxism...they know first hand...it doesn't work.
But the American Left?, having been influenced for perhaps 100 years but certainly for at least 50 years, still hold out hope with Russia in tow for what ever value that might be usurped.

["Maybe the hardcore left is angrily turning on Russia now because the motherland broke faith with their shared socialist dream. That must hurt. But America’s leftists could at least find solace in the knowledge that the glorious Union of Soviet Socialist Republics didn’t give up on socialism willingly. It died because socialism has always been dead; its “life” is just an illusion, a seduction, a con game, a temporary something-for-nothing charade, a promise of one thing that delivers another – namely totalitarianism. It’s a living death at best. Even the Russians know this now."]

"Only the American left, which has spent a century lusting over a socialist utopia that can never be, still craves it."

"In the meantime, the same left that demonizes America and capitalism with arguments identical to those learned at the feet of Russian communists, continues to accuse pro-American capitalist Donald Trump of “colluding with the Russians.”"

"That’s irony for you."
SOURCE URL: http://newstarget.com/2017-06-20-massive-russian-collusion-but-not-by-trump.html

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