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  • Posted by Nietzsche 7 years, 6 months ago
    This reminds me of the adage, "divide and conquer", except it's more like "exploit and conquer". Treat them like they are different, keep them different and convince them that since they are different, they should support the party who treats them as different.

    What happened to the melting pot? There was a time when people came to America to be Americans. I guess that time has passed.
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    • Posted by $ ObjectiveAnalyst 7 years, 6 months ago
      Greetings Nietzsche,

      Good question. Two things: First we are apparently allowing more people to immigrate than we can assimilate, and second many of those who come here now are being attracted by the benefits instead of the opportunities and have no desire to assimilate. You can’t compete with Santa Claus.
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      • Posted by Nietzsche 7 years, 6 months ago
        There is some merit to the Santa Claus argument, but opportunity can compete with Santa.

        The immigration waves of the early 1900s, dwarfs Hispanic immigration of today. I would suggest that the number of immigrants is not the problem. Segregating them or treating them differently is.

        There is a tendency of the left to categorize society, so they can consistently apply their class-based notion of history. It is a very divisive and erroneous idea and I think a principal contributor to an entitlement culture.

        In my opinion, classes are a result, not a cause and they are not rigid in a capitalist culture. You rise and fall through merit and the winds of fortune. There are no guarantees and failure is always an option. But as long as there is opportunity, there is incentive to seek it. As soon as you start gifting guarantees, you diminish incentive.

        If we legally mandate Spanish translations, who needs to learn English? If you treat a group as an entitled or privileged class, they will behave as if they are entitled and privileged. Equality of opportunity is what we need to promote.

        I see no difference between a modern Hispanic immigrant and my Italian and Hungarian grandfathers who arrived at Ellis Island. I think people come to America for opportunity. We just need to careful that we are not providing the wrong opportunity.
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